Samson Mow

Samson Mow is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry.

Samson Mow is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Blockstream, a leading blockchain technology company, and the CEO of Pixelmatic, a video game development company.

Prior to his current positions, Mow worked at BTCC, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges and mining pools in the world, where he served as the Chief Operating Officer. He also has experience working in the tech industry as the Director of Production at Ubisoft, a French video game company.

Before joining the tech industry, Mow was in charge of business development and operations at Sitemasher, a Vancouver-based startup that developed a SaaS platform for building websites and apps.

Mow is known for his expertise in Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and he has been featured in various media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and Forbes. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, where he shares his insights on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Samson Mow was born in Canada and obtained a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia.

Mow started his career as a software developer, working for companies such as Telus, PMC-Sierra, and Layer 7 Technologies. He then transitioned into the gaming industry, where he held various senior management positions at Ubisoft, a major video game publisher. At Ubisoft, he oversaw the development and live operations of several popular games, including the MMO strategy game "Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms" and the social game "The Smurfs & Co", which reached over 10 million users.

In 2013, Mow joined BTCC, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges and mining pools in the world, as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the company and directly managed the exchange and mining pool business units. Mow also contributed to the development of BTCC's mobile wallet and payment solutions.

In 2016, Mow joined Blockstream as Chief Strategy Officer, where he is responsible for the company's strategic partnerships and business development efforts. Blockstream is a leading provider of blockchain technologies, focusing on cryptography and distributed systems. Mow has been a strong advocate for Bitcoin's Lightning Network, an off-chain scaling solution that enables faster and cheaper transactions.

Mow is also the CEO of Pixelmatic, a gaming company that he founded in 2011. Pixelmatic aims to create engaging games that are truly social and encourage new connections to be made. The company is currently working on several games that utilize blockchain technology.

In addition to his business roles, Mow is a frequent speaker at conferences and events related to blockchain and gaming. He has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Bloomberg and has appeared on television networks such as CNBC and Fox Business.


Samson Mow's vision is to advance the adoption of blockchain technology and drive innovation in the gaming industry. He believes that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with and conduct transactions on the internet, and is working to make this a reality.

As the CSO of Blockstream, Mow is focused on the development of the Liquid Network, a sidechain solution for faster, more secure, and confidential transactions between cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial institutions. He believes that this technology can help to improve liquidity in the cryptocurrency market and provide a more reliable and efficient alternative to traditional payment systems.

In his role as CEO of Pixelmatic, Mow is also working to push the boundaries of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. His company is developing innovative games that incorporate blockchain technology to enhance gameplay, increase transparency, and create new opportunities for player interaction and monetization.

Mow is a strong advocate for the use of decentralized technology to empower individuals and communities, and sees blockchain as a key tool for achieving this goal. He is also committed to fostering greater understanding and awareness of blockchain technology, and frequently speaks at industry events and conferences to share his expertise and insights.

Samson Mow
Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University
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Fri Feb 23 2024

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