A SaaS platform dedicated to crypto investors

Seein-apps is a SaaS platform dedicated to crypto enthusiasts, investors, and gamers. It aggregates what people own in CEX & Web3 interface, gives a real-time follow-up of who made an investment and allows people to challenge friends and communities to compete and gaming environments in terms of their performance.

The platform was created by Aurélien Onimus, MIT and INSEEC (Major 2018), blockchain author at Eyrolles, blockchain speaker at Université Sorbonne Paris 1, and Pierre Moradei, with 10 years of extensive experience in software development technology and leading blockchain projects, in 2022, headquartered at Corsica, France.


Co-Founder and CEO of Seein-apps, Aurélien Onimus, ventured into the blockchain territory during his days at INSEEC business school, around the time when ICOs built up. 

His first book, Blockchain and ICOs, was based on a research project he carried out on cryptocurrency. It was during this time that he started having an interest in technology, and later on, he collaborated with Pierre Moradei on the path of founding Seein-apps in 2022. 

Leveraged by the experience and skills of the Advisors on the Board, Marc Simeoni, Ex-CEO and Co-founder at and PhD in Strategic Management from Stanford SCPD, and Andrea Bonapersona, CEO at Trendex, (YC S22), Seein-apps is looking forward to achieving their vision of making crypto investments fun and engaging.

Aurélien Onimus recently came to the Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast episode. He told Dinis about his journey of founding the company:

“There were several signals regarding the approach of technology. Several evolutions regarding tech stuff. I had the feeling that crypto, but most of all the technology beyond all this represented the future of our society. It was really that realisation that made me into thinking that there is something to do. Every digital stuff is going to be global, there is a massive upturn of the internet worldwide. It looks to me that a natural evolution of what the internet will look like in several years. Now, we are seeing the evolution, of the way people perceive the value of the data they share and own on the internet. You are the owner of your data, you can own it, and sell it. You have the sole right to individual data management for yourself. Finally, today we are in a world where.”


Seein-apps was created to provide a global vision to all user investments. The app reads real-time data linked to investments so that there is proof of every transaction. 

According to the mission statement on its website:

"Investment is boring and lonely. In today's world where everything is linked to creation, is it right to only see finance through the vision of numbers and curves?

In this brand-new world,  we believe investments will become a way of communicating creativity, personal performance, and social belonging.

Seein-apps makes your investments look like a city so that you track performances,  show off, and most of all, HAVE FUN !

That's why our mission is to make investment fun."


In a recent interview with Dinis Guarda, Co-founder and CEO, Aurélien Onimus, shared the company's vision:

"It's quite interesting to see that whatever is happening: NFTs, metaverse, and Web 3.0. Whatever the type of asset worldwide, it will have a digital representation in blockchain and other technologies in the coming years. I strongly believe that real estate, energy, and supply chain will have a unique Id in the future. Based on this, I really think there are a lot of opportunities here to help society, help develop some more economical approaches regarding business.

At Seein-apps, we are convinced that every asset worldwide from crypto to real estate will have a digital or physical twin thanks to technologies like Blockchain.

The main goal is to introduce innovation in how people see investment practices: make it fun, sharable, and social. That's the most global vision. We are really at an early stage, but we are iterating a lot."

Key Team

Aurélien Onimus ? (Co-founder & CEO)

Pierre Moradei (Co-founder & CTO)

Andrea Bonapersona (Web3 Product & Tech Advisor)

Marc Simeoni (General Advisor)

Recognition and Awards
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Products and Services

Seein-apps offers a crypto platform where users can build their own portfolio by engaging in it as follows:

Building a crypto community/city: The app allows users to build their own community or city by plugging their wallets into either Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 technologies.

Managing the portfolio: Users can follow the evolution of their portfolio by tracking their performances and designing their wallets according to their needs and demands.

Interacting through gaming: Users can join and create various crypto communities, enroll in competitions, or challenge their friends to make it more interactive and engaging.

Seein-apps is building 3D city for individuals and communities to offer a seamless experience with the help of Customisation tools and premium features.

Seein-apps looks forward to becoming the  n°1 plug-and-play tool to gamify and socialise investment whatever the type of asset (from cryptos to real estate).

Speaking about Seein-apps's products, CEO Aurélien Onimus told Dinis:

“Investments are not just limited to the experts. With blockchain, we want to democratise investments. The most practical and tangible way to say that is. We are creating a Crypto-Sim City Siri for investors. The vision is to have a social interaction: creating a community, finding the relevant resources and platform to be able to connect with influencers and also give them the right amount of exposure to be a part of a project.” 

Leadership team

Aurélien Onimus ? (Co-founder & CEO)

Pierre Moradei ? (Co-founder & CTO)

Marc Simeoni  (General Advisor)

Andrea Bonapersona  (Web3 Product & Tech Advisor)

Products/ Services
Aggregate wallets, investment visualisation tools, plug and play communities, financial solutions
Number of Employees
0 - 50
Bastia, Corsica
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Mon Feb 26 2024

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