Sepideh Chakaveh

Dr. Sepideh Chakaveh is a data scientist, AI thought leader, and the CEO and Founder of PixselChat and Pixelar.

Dr. Sepideh Chakaveh is the CEO and co-founder of Pixsellar and a professor of data science at the University of Oxford. She was awarded the FDM Everywoman in Technology Award, which is given to women in the UK who have worked creatively in the technology industry each year in partnership with the Tech She Can Institute.

Her company, Pixsellar, applies artificial intelligence (AI) for streaming and video analysis. With the Pixel Chat, users may communicate with others in their own voice or text and have everyone receive the messages in their own language. Since January 2021, the Video Streaming AI Factory has become part of the new cohort of the Oxford University Innovation Incubator program.

Dr. Chakaveh is known for her expertise in designing and engineering holistic data and AI-driven applications to solve real-life problems. She has developed numerous AI-based applications and received recognition for her work, including the Everywoman Innovator Award in 2020 and the ConnectTVT Technology Game Changer Award in 2021. Her research interests encompass a wide range of topics, and she has published several papers in reputable journals. Dr. Chakaveh's contributions extend to her participation as a keynote speaker and panel member at various conferences, where she shares her insights on data science and artificial intelligence.


Dr. Sepideh (Sepi) Chakaveh is the CEO and Founder of PixselChat and Pixsellar - LTD, where she has been instrumental in shaping the direction of these companies since August 2017. Her visionary leadership has driven the success of both ventures, which are based in Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom.

Dr. Chakaveh has spent over 13 years at the University of Oxford, where she serves as a Departmental Lecturer in Data Science & AI since October 2018. Additionally, she holds the role of Senior Tutor in Software Engineering since May 2010. Her significant contributions extend to her co-founding and leadership of the Southampton Data Science Academy from July 2013 to July 2017, where she played a pivotal role in establishing the first online data science academy in the United Kingdom. Dr. Chakaveh has also held the position of Senior Lecturer in Biometrics & Digital Technology at the University of Hertfordshire from November 2007 to July 2013.

Furthermore, her professional journey includes a noteworthy tenure as the Head of the Edutainment & Media Technology Research Group at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft from January 1995 to July 2007, during which she contributed to projects such as setting up the first internet via satellite in Eastern Europe and leading the technical aspects of the Citizen Media Project. She has also made significant strides in merging virtual reality and television through interactive virtual actors, as evidenced by her work on Marilyn, a multimodal avatar responsive live newscaster. Dr. Chakaveh's commitment to innovation is well-documented, as exemplified by her project contributions, including GMD Launches International Satellite Earth Stations.

Published Work

Notably, her research focuses on designing and engineering holistic data and AI-driven applications to address real-world challenges. Her work in this domain has resulted in the development of numerous AI-based applications, one of which earned her the Everywoman Innovator Award in 2020 and the ConnectTVT Technology Game Changer Award in 2021. Her contributions to academic literature encompass a systematic literature review on motivational factors influencing the use of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and a Twitter-based reporting system for public infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Chakaveh has also been a keynote speaker at prestigious conferences, such as the Stanford Women in Data Science Virtual Conference, where she discussed the application of data science in computational cognitive systems. Her involvement as a panel member with the German UNESCO Commission further underscores her commitment to shaping the future of AI and data science.


Dr. Sepideh Chakaveh envisions a world where the power of data and artificial intelligence is harnessed to its full potential to address real-life challenges and drive transformative change. Her vision revolves around designing end-to-end, holistic data and AI-driven applications that have a meaningful impact on individuals and society. She believes in the fusion of cutting-edge technology with real-world problem-solving, creating solutions that empower individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Dr. Chakaveh's vision extends to fostering innovation and education in data science and AI, inspiring the next generation of innovators and leaders. She aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that the latest advancements in technology are applied to practical challenges. Her commitment to ethical AI and responsible data usage underpins her vision, emphasizing the importance of governance and ethics in shaping the future of AI. In pursuit of her vision, she continues to lead and contribute to groundbreaking projects, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data and AI-driven solutions.

Recognition and Awards
Dr. Sepideh Chakaveh, affectionately known as Sepi, has garnered significant recognition and accolades throughout her illustrious career for her pioneering work in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, and technology innovation. Her contributions have been celebrated both in academia and industry, underscoring her impact on these domains. One of the noteworthy recognitions that Dr. Chakaveh has received is the Everywoman Innovator Award in 2020. This prestigious award acknowledges her exceptional achievements in leveraging AI to develop innovative solutions that address real-life challenges. Her ability to bridge the gap between technology and practical problem-solving earned her this well-deserved honor, highlighting her dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. In addition to the Everywoman Innovator Award, Dr. Chakaveh has been recognized as the ConnectTVT Technology Game Changer in 2021. This recognition further underscores her role as a trailblazer in the tech industry, where she continues to push for advancements in data-driven applications and AI technologies. These awards serve as a testament to her commitment to driving transformative change through AI and data science while inspiring future generations to pursue excellence in these fields.

Sepideh Chakaveh
data scientist, AI thought leader, lecturer, software engineer, entrepreneur
Known for
PixselChat (Inventor), Pixsellar (CEO, Founder), University of Oxford (Data Science and Course Director)
Everywoman Innovator Award (2020), ConnectTVT Technology Game Changer Award (2021)
BSc (Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Nottingham Trent University), PhD (Experimental Astrophysics & Space Sciences, University of Kent)
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Fri Mar 01 2024

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