Shameer Thaha

Shameer Thaha is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Accubits.

Shameer Thaha is a serial entrepreneur turned business leader who builds highly efficient and performing teams focused on innovation and emerging technologies. He is the CEO of Accubits (MENA), a technology company that focuses on AI and Blockchain. Shameer Thaha believes AI & Blockchain have the capability to augment our abilities to innovate and push this world forward for good.


Shameer Thaha has over 15 years of industry experience and is passionate about building high performing teams and improving efficiencies. He is a published author and a speaker at global conferences. Shameer is an advisor at the Global Skill Development Council and also selectively advises high potential companies with their ICO, Blockchain or AI implementations. Shameer Thaha holds an MBA from S.P Jain School of Global Management and a bachelors in Engineering from Kerala University. He has worked with corporations such as Infosys, Microsoft and has transformed businesses from concept to multimillion enterprises. As the CEO of Accubits, he supervises the company, which has become one of the world leaders in Blockchain and ICO technology with operations in Middle East, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. Accubits had the distinction of being featured in the Inc42’s Startup Watchlist as one of the top 13 Blockchain companies to watchout for in 2018 thanks to its futuristic products. Some of the company’s most notable clients are NASA, USPS, Landmark group and Dubai Smart Government.


His vision can be found in a recent interview with Dinis Guarda. “My core vision is having a mission for the company. Accubits as a company has seen phenomenal growth since its inception 8-10 years ago. It worked for companies like Nasa, USGS, building custom capabilities and blockchain systems. It has a very audacious goal which is the core with which we operate. The idea is that we believe any tech has the capability to get humans out of mundane tasks. With that in mind, every project that we have touched to date has transformed lives. That’s my journey”. “Blockchain for me represents the next wave of technology. Blockchain is a layer on top of these existing platforms and apps and it can be used and integrated into every sector that uses digital means for their business. Fintech is just the best example of a sector being boosted by blockchain as blockchain’s many characteristics would allow for faster, more secure, and more efficient transactions”. “Social media plays an important role in people’s lives and they offer us a way to connect to each other but also to gain visibility for our businesses. They are a powerful tool that needs to be used wisely and with purpose”. “There are still many people who cannot see the difference between blockchain and crypto, which are different things. And that’s one of the things that I always try to highlight, the separation between the technology and the product. Understanding this is the beginning of truly widespread blockchain adoption”.

Recognition and Awards
He has built and led 3x startup companies and also worked with corporations such as Infosys and Microsoft. Shameer was instrumental in leading key transformation projects with the government of Dubai and launching a pandemic management platform during the covid outbreak. He is also a published author, a speaker at global conferences and an advisor to the Global Skill Development Council.

Shameer Thaha
Dubai, UAE
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Transforming businesses and driving innovation with Industry 4.0 Technologies
University of Kerala
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Thu Feb 29 2024

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