Sharon Constançon

Sharon Constançon is the Chairman of the South African Chamber of Commerce and the CEO of Genius Methods.

Sharon Constançon is the chairman of the SA Chamber and the CEO of Genius Methods. Her leadership at the SA Chamber is marked by a strategic focus on promoting bilateral trade between South Africa and the UK, fostering growth in membership, and continuing the path of change initiated by her predecessor. Sharon's dedication and vision are instrumental in driving the Chamber's ongoing development and success.

Sharon, a Chartered Director and Chartered Secretary with an MBA, is also actively involved in various roles, including being the Non-Executive Director for Transact SA, and an International Committee member for CISI. She is also the CEO of Valufin, a forex advisory firm. 

Sharon is a Non-Executive Director at Caban Capital plc. She holds an MBA, is a Chartered Director, a Chartered Secretary, Fellow of the Governance Institute, a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Company Secretaries and Administrators.

Sharon was awarded the SACC Woman in Business Award of the Year in 2013 and being a finalist for the IoD 'Rd. Neville Bain Memorial Award' in 2015. She is a sought-after speaker and mentor, sharing her extensive boardroom experience with industry audiences and offering valuable insights into the roles of boards and non-executive directors. 


Sharon completed her MBA in Business Management at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1988. During her studies, she was recognized as “Entrepreneur of the Year”. She, then, served at the University as a part-time lecturer for many years. Her focus was on teaching Service Industry Management and Small Business Management to MBA students, sharing her knowledge and expertise with the next generation of business leaders.

In 2006, she pursued further academic accomplishments by earning the Chartered Director qualification from the Institute of Directors. Sharon actively participated in various governance-related activities, including serving on committees and interview panels for Chartered Directors.

For her commitment to governance excellence, Sharon became a finalist for the Dr. Neville Bain Memorial Award in 2015. a Chartered Secretary and has focused academically on Boardroom Dynamics. She writes many white papers, articles, blogs, presents at conferences, runs workshops, chairs panels, runs roundtable, shares her professional journey learnings to help others improve theirs and a role model to women in business.

A South African born of English parents, Sharon has business interests in South Africa and the UK and is fully aligned to a key strategic goal of developing bilateral trade between the countries. Sharon is on the Court and is Chairman of the Membership Committee of the Worshipful Company of Company Secretaries, is a member of the International Committee of CISI, a contributor to the Risk Coalition and lecturer for the Qualifying Level Boardroom Dynamics course for the Chartered Governance Institute final examination program, and course leader for programs and seminars run by the Corporate Governance Institute (Ireland).

Sharon’s business interests are governance, risk management, business strategy, financial integration and reporting alignment, the customer and international trade.

Sharon’s deep understanding of Board behaviours, leadership and regulated industries brings additional value to Board Evaluations or Effectiveness Reviews. Her keen understanding of people, high level of personal EQ and competent communication skills support her achieving an insight to behaviours seldom recognised or addressed before. Sharon has been a Board Evaluator for more than 10 years and carries out many a year to a wide variety of industries, size of companies and governance structures.

Sharon is a NED for Transact SA and the Chairman of the South African Chamber of Commerce (UK) Limited and Trustee of North Dean Memorial Hall Charity. Thereby keeping in touch with the challenges facing all roles she evaluates.


Sharon Constançon's vision is deeply rooted in making a meaningful difference to individuals and businesses alike. She possesses a unique blend of skills, comfortably bridging the realms of people and numbers. Her ability to be equally left and right-brained empowers her to engage in a diverse range of business ventures.

Passionate about nature, Sharon often draws analogies from the animal kingdom to impart valuable lessons to her clients and students.

Through her various ventures, including Genius Boards, Genius Methods, Valufin, and Constançon Currencies, she focuses on elevating the fitness and effectiveness of boards in listed companies, providing tailored board evaluations, mentorship, coaching, and forex management services. Her aim is to enhance leadership, communication, transparency, risk management, and the overall impact of boards on organizations, both locally and globally.

Recognition and Awards
Sharon Constançon's remarkable career has been marked by numerous achievements and recognitions. In 1988, she earned an MBA in Business Management from the University of the Witwatersrand, where she was honored as "Entrepreneur of the Year." Her commitment to education led her to become a part-time lecturer at the same university, where she shared her expertise in Service Industry Management and Small Business Management with MBA students. In 2006, Sharon attained the prestigious Chartered Director qualification from the Institute of Directors, solidifying her dedication to governance excellence. Her contributions to governance earned her recognition as a finalist for the Dr. Neville Bain Memorial Award in 2015. Sharon's diverse business interests include governance, risk management, business strategy, financial integration, reporting alignment, customer-centricity, and international trade. She also serves in key roles for various organizations, making her a respected figure in her field.

Sharon Constançon
Chartered Accountant, corporate governance specialist, foreign currency adviser, entrepreneur
Known for
South African Chamber of Commerce (Chairman), Genius Methods (CEO), Valufin (CEO), International Committee of the CISI (member), Caban Capital plc (Non-Executive Director)
Woman in Business Award of the Year (SACC Business, 2013), IoD 'Rd. Neville Bain Memorial Award' (finalist, 2015)
MBA (Business Management, University of the Witwatersrand), Chartered Director (Institute of Directors)
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