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Škoda Transportation is a prominent Czech company specializing in the design, manufacture, and service of various vehicles and transportation systems. They are known for producing modern trams, electric buses, trolleybuses, electric locomotives, and offering a range of transportation components and services. Škoda Transportation places a strong emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and providing efficient public transportation solutions for cities and regions around the world.

- Founded in 1908, Škoda Transportation has a rich history in the transportation industry. The company has played a vital role in developing and manufacturing vehicles for public transport systems, including trams, trolleybuses, and electric buses. - Over the years, Škoda Transportation has expanded its presence globally, serving customers in various countries and regions. - The company has evolved to meet the changing demands of the transportation sector, embracing environmentally friendly electric and sustainable transportation solutions.


Mission at Skoda Transportation A.S. is to design, manufacture, and deliver innovative, sustainable, and reliable transportation solutions that enhance mobility and improve the quality of life for people worldwide. They are committed to excellence, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction, striving to be a trusted partner in advancing modern and efficient transportation systems.


Vision at Skoda Transportation A.S. is to be a global leader in the advancement of sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. They aspire to revolutionize the way people and goods move, contributing to a greener and more connected world. Through innovation, excellence, and responsible business practices, we aim to create a future where accessible, reliable, and eco-friendly transportation is a reality for all.


Industrial Manufacturing

Products/ Services
Škoda Transportation is a Czech company with a significant presence in the transportation industry, specializing in the production of various vehicles and systems for public transportation. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some of the key products and services offered by Škoda Transportation: 1. Trams and Light Rail Vehicles: Škoda Transportation is known for designing and manufacturing trams and light rail vehicles. These include modern, energy-efficient trams and streetcars that are widely used in urban public transportation systems. 2. Electric Buses: Škoda Transportation produces electric buses, contributing to the transition to more environmentally friendly public transportation options. These electric buses are designed to be energy-efficient and reduce emissions. 3. Trolleybuses: The company also manufactures trolleybuses, which are electric buses powered by overhead wires. These are commonly used in various public transportation systems, particularly in cities with a commitment to sustainability. 4. Electric Locomotives: Škoda Transportation is involved in the production of electric locomotives, used in freight and passenger rail transport. These locomotives are known for their energy efficiency and modern design. 5. Components and Systems: In addition to complete vehicles, Škoda Transportation provides various components and systems for the transportation sector. This includes propulsion systems, vehicle control systems, and other critical components for rail and road transport. 6. Maintenance and Service: Škoda Transportation offers maintenance and service solutions for their products, ensuring the ongoing reliability and performance of the vehicles they supply. This includes maintenance contracts, spare parts, and technical support. 7. Modernization and Refurbishment: The company also provides modernization and refurbishment services for older vehicles, helping transportation operators extend the lifespan and improve the performance of their existing fleets. 8. Research and Development: Škoda Transportation places a strong emphasis on research and development to continually improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of their transportation solutions.
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