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Soitec S.A. designs and manufactures semiconductor materials worldwide. Its products are used to manufacture chips that are used in smart phones, tablets, computers, IT servers, and data centers, as well as electronic components in cars, connected devices, and industrial and medical equipment. It offers Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) for automotive radar and processors, and PD-SOI and FinFET-SOI products for high-performance computing markets. The company also offers RF-SOI substrates for front-end module devices, as well as 4G LTE and new 5G sub-6 GHz/ mmWave smartphones. In addition, it offers power-SOI products that address the requirements for integrating high and low voltage functions in power IC devices for automotive and industry markets. Further, the company offers Smart photonics-SOI products for optical networking; Smart Imager-SOI products for next generation 3D image sensing; Auto Smartsic for green mobility; Connect RF-GaN for 5G infrastructure architecture and smartphone power amplifier markets; Connect-POI engineered substrates for high performance surface acoustic wave filter; and Gallium Nitride (GAN) Epitaxial wafers for energy efficient power management system. Soitec S.A. was incorporated in 1992 and is headquartered in Bernin, France.


Soitec was founded in 1992 near Grenoble in France by two researchers from CEA Leti, an institute for micro- and nanotechnologies research created by the French Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies . The pair developed Smart Cut™ technology to industrialize Silicon-On-Insulator wafers, and built their first production unit in Bernin, in the Isère department of France.

Soitec's offering initially targeted the electronics market. At the end of the 2000s, Soitec launched into the solar energy and lighting markets, exploiting new openings for its materials and technologies. In 2015, the company announced that it would be refocusing its efforts on its core business: electronics.

Soitec employs about 2000 people throughout the world and currently has production units in France and in Singapore. The company also has R&D centers and commercial offices in France, the United States , China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Key dates

1963: SOS is invented at North American Aviation.

1965: The first MEMS device is invented at Westinghouse.

1978: Hewlett-Packard develops SPER.

1979: NOSC starts researching thin-film SOS.

1988: NOSC publishes their SOS findings.

1989: IBM starts researching SOI.

1990: Peregrine Semiconductor is founded.

1991: Peregrine Semiconductor launches the commercialization of SOS .

1992: Creation of Soitec by researchers from CEA Leti in Grenoble, France.

1995: Peregrine Semiconductor delivers its first product.

1995: IBM commercializes SOI.

1997: CEA Leti spins off Tronics Microsystems to commercialize SOI MEMS.

1997: Soitec shifts to mass production after the signature of a Smart Cut™ technology licensing agreement with Shin Etsu Handotai .

1999: Construction of Soitec's first production site in Bernin , and launch of Soitec's initial public offering.

2001: IBM unveils RF-SOI technology

2001: CEA Leti and Motorola start collaborating on the development of high aspect ratio SOI MEMS.

2002: OKI ships the first commercial FD-SOI LSI.

2002: Inauguration of Bernin 2, a Soitec manufacturing unit dedicated to 300-mm diameter wafers.

2003: Soitec acquires Picogiga International, a company specializing in technologies for III-V composite materials, and the first foray into materials other than SOI.

2005: Freescale introduces HARMEMS.

2006: Soitec acquires Tracit Technologies, a company specializing in molecular adhesion and mechanical and chemical thinning processes, enabling diversification into new applications for Smart Cut™ technology.

2008: Soitec opens a production unit in Asia, in Singapore. In 2012, this unit housed the SOI wafer recycling business. In 2013, production stopped at the unit to prepare for the company's new Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator technology.

2009: Soitec acquires Concentrix Solar, a German supplier of concentrator photovoltaic systems, Soitec thus entering the solar energy market.

2011: Soitec acquires Altatech Semiconductor, a company specialized in developing equipment for producing semiconductors.

2012: Soitec opens a production unit for CPV modules in San Diego, California, with a capacity of 140 MW, upgradeable to 280 MW.

2012: GlobalFoundries and STMicroelectronics sign a sourcing agreement for 28 nm and 20 nm FD-SOI devices. GlobalFoundries agreed to manufacture wafers for STMicroelectronics using the latter's CMOS28FDSOI. The FD-SOI technology originates from the cooperation between Soitec, ST and CEA Leti.

2013: Soitec signs a Smart Cut™ licensing agreement with Sumitomo Electric to develop the gallium nitride wafer market for LED lighting applications. Signature of another agreement, with GT Advanced Technologies, to develop and commercialize equipment for producing wafers for manufacturing LEDs and other industrial applications.

2014: Samsung and STMicroelectronics sign a foundry and license agreement. It enables Samsung to use the FD-SOI technology to produce 28 nm integrated circuits. Soitec solar energy division also inaugurates the first 50% of South African Touwsrivier solar plant, which will have a final total capacity of 44 MWp. The plant was never completed.

2015: Samsung qualifies their 28FDS process.

2015: After the stoppage of some important solar projects in the United States, Soitec announces a strategic shift toward its electronics business and a plan to leave the solar energy business.

2015: Peregrine Semiconductor and GlobalFoundries announce in July the first 300mm RF-SOI platform .

2015: GlobalFoundries announces in July the implementation of a technological platform for producing 22-nm FD-SOI chips .

2015: Soitec and Simgui announce the first Chinese production of 200mm SOI wafers.

2015: CEA Leti demos MEMS on 300mm SOI wafers.

2016: Soitec starts volume manufacturing of 300mm RF-SOI wafers.

2017: GlobalFoundries announces 45RFSOI.

2017: Samsung announces 18FDS.

2017: IBM and GlobalFoundries announce a custom FinFET-on-SOI process .

2017: Soitec signs a five-year agreement to supply GlobalFoundries with FD-SOI wafers.

2018: STMicroelectronics adopts GlobalFoundries' 22FDX.

2018: Soitec and MBDA acquire the Dolphin Integration assets.

2019: Soitec signs a high-volume agreement to supply Samsung with FD-SOI wafers.

2019: Soitec acquires EpiGaN

2019: Soitec signs high-volume agreements to supply GlobalFoundries with SOI wafers.

2020: GlobalFoundries announces the 22FDX+ platform.

2020: Soitec signs a multi-year agreement to supply GlobalFoundries with 300mm RF-SOI wafers.

2022: start of building of the Bernin 4 facility for SiC wafers, intended to start production in 2024.

Soitec’s mission is to create and address technology inflection points that open up a wide range of new possibilities and drive sustainable growth.

At Soitec, we envision a world where technology enables significant improvements in the lives of people, creating possibilities in industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Key Team

Mr. Christophe Maleville (Sr. EVP & CTO)

Mr. Steve Babureck (Sr. VP of Corp. Devel. & Investor Relations and Strategic Office)

Mr. Thomas Piliszczuk (Exec. VP of Global Bus. and Sr. VP of Marketing, Bus. Devel. & Global Sales)

Mr. Patrick Noonan (Acting Gen. Counsel & Board Sec.)

Ms. Caroline Sasia (Sr. VP, Head of Communications & Chief of Staff to the CEO)

Mr. Cyril Menon (Sr. Exec. VP of Operations & Global Supply)

Mr. Pascal Lobry (Exec. VP of People & Sustainability)

Recognition and Awards
Soitec has received numerous awards including being named laureate of the Montblanc International 2012 Edition for its Smart Cut™ technology, being selected as a top five finalist for the ‘2009 Montblanc Innovation Impact’, and winning the prestigious Telecom Innovation Grand Prix in 2008 and 2010. In 2016, Soitec was appointed ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ in France, recognizing the excellence of its technological innovations and quality management in industrial manufacturing.

Leadership team

Mr. Pierre Barnabe (CEO & Director)

Ms. Lea Alzingre (VP & CFO)

Dr. Bernard Aspar (Chief Operating Officer)

Products/ Services
Electronics, Industrial, Manufacturing
Number of Employees
1,000 - 20,000
Bernin, Rhone-Alpes, France
Net Income
100M - 500M
500M - 1B
Traded as
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Sun Mar 03 2024

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