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Our mission is to create smart and unique living environments, challenging the norm and going beyond the expectations.


Retail and Consumer Goods  

Rapidly growing Solwers forms a new type of group of multidisciplinary companies specializing in planning and design, consulting as well as providing digital services. Our vision is to be the preferred partner in visionary and sustainable design and engineering. Our broad expertise makes us the first choice for customers looking for innovative solutions.

Our mission is to create smart and unique living environments, challenging the norm and going beyond the expectations. Each Solwers company has its own strong identity and strive to be number one in its competence area. By respecting and learning from different views, methods, and expertise, Solwers develop and co-create the best solutions available for our clients.

Planners are solvers – people who enjoy new development and improving on the old. It’s human to want to be a recognized actor in one’s own field. Some call this being ambitious – we call it professional pride. We believe in individuals who initiate development and change. Solwers is a group where the development of expertise is the cornerstone of operations and special know-how is held in esteem.  For Solwers, the specialisation and advancement of our group companies is the basis of everything. And we offer a platform for people to develop and companies to succeed.


Solwers Oyj, established in 2017, has rapidly evolved into a dynamic group of multidisciplinary companies, specializing in visionary design, engineering, and digital solutions. Our journey began with a commitment to challenge the status quo and exceed expectations, shaping unique living environments that are both smart and sustainable.

From architecture and technical consulting to environmental monitoring and project management, our diverse range of services reflects our dedication to innovation and excellence. As a group, we celebrate individual expertise and professional pride, fostering a culture of continuous development.

Solwers has grown to become a trusted partner for customers seeking forward-thinking solutions, guided by our vision to lead in visionary and sustainable design and engineering. Our history is one of growth, and our future promises expansion across the Nordic and Baltic regions.

At Solwers, we believe in driving positive change, and our specialized group companies are the heart of our success. We provide a platform for individuals to excel and companies to thrive, always striving to create a brighter, more sustainable future through our innovative offerings and unwavering commitment to progress.


Solwers’ mission is to create smart and unique living environments, to challenge the norm and go beyond. Solwers strives to develop and create the best solutions for its customers by learning about and respecting different views, methods, and expertise. Solwers’ vision is to be the preferred partner in visionary and sustainable design and engineering. Versatile group expertise enables innovative and wide-ranging solutions for customers.


Solwers’ vision is to be the preferred partner for its customers in the visionary and sustainable design and engineering. The company’s goal is to continue to grow and expand in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Products and Services

We create individual solutions and sustainable ideas for landmarks, residential and commercial buildings, building renovations and interior design

We support infrastructure builders with reliable measurements, plans and quality control in transport infrastructure, living environment, and rock engineering projects

Structural design
We carry out structural design of new-build and refurbishment projects and provide condition surveys

We design HVAC systems in challenging new-build projects and building refurbishments and perform acoustic design for public spaces, workplaces, and residential buildings. We also provide passive house solutions and cost and quantity management services

Project management
We manage and supervise construction projects of public and private contractors and produce environmental analysis and inspections

Environmental monitoring
We measure, inspect, and monitor the vibration effects on built environment in rock excavation and civil engineering projects

Electrical and automation engineering
We provide the design of electrical and automation solutions for public and private operators

Digital services
We produce security and competitiveness with iot applications and site digitisation for key contractors in the construction industry

Financial services
We take care of the financial, payroll and HR management of our client companies with services and applications, and support business development

Supply Chain & Logistics
We create sustainable supply chain strategies and solutions, re-design and optimize goods- and information flows and enhance logistical networks based on data driven analytical methods

Transport consulting services
We deliver railway and transport consulting services. We have an extensive experience in consulting work, leadership and business development. Our knowledge enables us to support our customers in their business.


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Solwers Oyj
Leadership team

Leif Sebbas (Chairman of the Board)


Retail and Consumer Goods

Products/ Services
Architecture, Infrastructure, Structural design, HVAC, Project management, Environmental monitoring, Electrical and automation engineering, Digital services, Financial services, Supply Chain & Logistics, Transport consulting services
Number of Employees
500 - 1000
Solwers Oyj Kappelikuja 6 b, 2nd floor 02200 Espoo FINLAND
Company Type
Private company limited by shares or Ltd
Company Registration
20M - 100M
Funding Types
Revenue Year
Traded as
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