A biotech company developing microbially-fermented Brewed Protein materials to help build a more sustainable society.



Spiber Inc., a Japanese biotech pioneer founded in 2007, is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Their Brewed Protein™, developed through microbial fermentation and agricultural feedstocks, is a game-changer for materials. It has applications from textiles to packaging, all while reducing reliance on animal products and plastics.

With an impressive 35.4 billion yen funding (over 330 million USD by October 2020) and expansion plans, Spiber's mission is clear: to lead the way to a more sustainable, animal-friendly world. Their journey is marked by ambition and a commitment to innovation that promises to leave a lasting impact on industries and the global environment.


Spiber Inc., a pioneering biotechnology company, stands at the forefront of innovation in the quest to build a more sustainable society. Founded in September 2007, this Japanese startup has swiftly emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of synthetic biology, polymer science, and materials technology. At its core, Spiber is dedicated to the development of Brewed Protein™, a revolutionary protein-based material with the potential to reshape industries and promote a future free from animal-based products and plastic waste.

Brewed Protein™ represents a groundbreaking achievement in the world of biotechnology. Crafted through microbial fermentation and harnessing the power of agricultural feedstocks as its primary raw materials, this novel material boasts a myriad of applications. From fibers that can redefine the textile industry to films and resins that can revolutionize packaging and manufacturing, Brewed Protein™ is a testament to Spiber's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Spiber's journey has been marked by impressive achievements and milestones. With a cumulative fundraising effort of 35.4 billion yen (as of October 2020, equivalent to more than 330 million USD), the company has garnered substantial support and investment, indicative of the immense promise its technology holds. Moreover, Spiber has expanded its horizons beyond its Japanese roots, as it embarked on the ambitious mission of constructing its first overseas production facility, slated to commence operations in 2021.

In essence, Spiber's story is one of visionary ambition and relentless pursuit of sustainability. With Brewed Protein™ as its flagbearer, this biotech trailblazer is not merely crafting materials; it's crafting a future where ecological concerns are met with innovation, where tradition meets transformation, and where sustainability becomes the cornerstone of our society's evolution. Spiber's mission is clear: to lead the charge toward a more sustainable and animal-friendly world, and their journey is one that promises to leave a lasting mark on industries, economies, and our global environment.


Spiber's mission is to transform the way we produce materials by harnessing biotechnology to create sustainable, innovative, and animal-friendly protein-based solutions that benefit society and the environment.


Spiber envisions a future where their pioneering protein-based materials drive sustainability, reducing our reliance on animal products and plastics while revolutionizing industries worldwide.

Key Team

Junichi Sugahara (Director and Executive Officer)

Kenji Higashi (Executive Vice Presidents)

Takayuki Muro (Executive Vice Presidents)

Masaya Minoda (Director and Executive Officer)

Products and Services

Spiber specializes in developing cutting-edge protein-based materials through biotechnology, offering sustainable solutions across various industries such as textiles, packaging, and more.

Leadership team

Junichi Sugahara (Managing Director )

Kazuhide Sekiyama (Director and Representative Executive Officer)

Junichi Sugahara  (Director and Executive Officer)

Toshiyuki Arai  ( External Director)



Number of Employees
100 - 500
234-1 Mizukami, Kakuganji, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-0052, Japan
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