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Spring Labs is a forward-thinking company dedicated to transforming the way data is exchanged in the modern era, emphasizing data sharing, security, and safeguarding consumer privacy through decentralized approaches. The core focus of Spring Labs is enabling institutions to engage in direct information sharing to verify identities and combat fraud, all while prioritizing the protection of consumer data.

Key Highlights of Spring Labs:

Data Sharing Innovation: Spring Labs seeks to revolutionize the way institutions share data by introducing innovative and secure methods for data exchange. This approach helps institutions collaborate more effectively while reducing vulnerabilities associated with traditional data sharing.

Consumer Data Protection: An integral part of Spring Labs' mission is to ensure that consumer data remains secure and private throughout the data-sharing process. They prioritize the protection of sensitive information.

Spring Protocol: Central to their strategy is the Spring Protocol, a groundbreaking framework that separates data ownership from data value. This separation allows organizations with sensitive and competitive data to exchange information in a novel and secure manner.

Spring Labs' commitment to enhancing data security, fostering trust among institutions, and safeguarding consumer privacy positions them as a leading force in the evolving landscape of data sharing and blockchain technology. Their innovative solutions pave the way for a more secure and privacy-conscious data exchange ecosystem.


Formation and Early Development: Spring Labs was founded with the vision of revolutionizing data sharing and security through blockchain and decentralized technologies. The company aimed to address the challenges associated with traditional data sharing methods, such as privacy concerns and fraud prevention.

Blockchain and Decentralization Focus: Spring Labs has been known for its commitment to leveraging blockchain and decentralized technologies to create innovative solutions for secure data sharing. Their approach separates data ownership from data value, allowing for secure and direct data exchange between trusted parties.

Partnerships and Industry Engagement: Over time, Spring Labs has engaged with various partners, financial institutions, and industry players to promote their vision and develop practical applications for their technology. This includes collaborations with entities interested in identity verification, fraud prevention, and secure data sharing.


Spring Labs' mission is to revolutionize data sharing, security, and consumer privacy through decentralization. They enable institutions to share information directly, facilitating identity verification and fraud reduction, all while prioritizing the protection of consumer data. Their aim is to reshape the data-sharing landscape, making it more efficient and secure for institutions and individuals alike.




Spring Labs envisions a future where data sharing is transformed and secured through decentralized technologies. They aspire to create a data-sharing ecosystem that separates data ownership from data value, allowing trusted parties to exchange information directly and securely. Their vision is to foster enhanced security, privacy, and efficiency in data sharing, benefiting both institutions and consumers.



Key Team

Joel Eckhause (Chief Operating Officer)

David Kravitz (PhD Sr. Director of Research)

Products and Services

Spring Labs offers innovative products and services designed to reshape data sharing and security:

Spring Protocol: Their flagship technology, the Spring Protocol, revolutionizes data sharing by separating data ownership from data value, enabling secure and direct information exchange.

Identity Verification: Spring Labs provides identity verification solutions that help institutions verify identities more effectively, reducing fraud and enhancing security.

Privacy Protection: Their services prioritize the protection of consumer data, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure during data sharing processes.

Fraud Prevention: Spring Labs offers tools and solutions for fraud prevention, assisting institutions in mitigating risks associated with fraudulent activities.

Spring Labs
Leadership team

Adam Jiwan (Founder)

Anna Fridman (Founder)

John Sun (Founder)



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