Stephan Tual

Founder of CxO

Stephan Tual is an influential entrepreneur and visionary known for his contributions to blockchain technology and emerging technologies. With a background in enterprise IT and a deep understanding of decentralized systems, Stephan has been instrumental in revolutionizing industries and driving innovation.

As the architect behind the marketing and partner strategy for Ethereum, Stephan played a crucial role in the success of this groundbreaking platform for smart contracts and blockchain. His work helped Ethereum raise significant funds through crowdfunding and achieve a remarkable valuation. He has also been a driving force behind Slock.it, a venture that explored the intersection of blockchain and the Internet of Things, aiming to transform the Sharing Economy infrastructure.

Stephan's entrepreneurial journey spans three start-ups and nearly 30 years of experience in enterprise IT. He has held CTO positions at leading data analytics companies, managing substantial budgets for notable clients. His expertise in navigating complex technologies, such as AI, ML, and zero-knowledge proofs, has made him a sought-after consultant through his firm Ursium.AI.

In addition to his technical acumen, Stephan is known for his passion for effective communication and community building. He strives to bridge the gap between intricate technical concepts and broader audiences, enabling widespread adoption and understanding of new technologies.

Stephan Tual's vision encompasses empowering individuals, fostering decentralization, and driving transformative change through emerging technologies. His contributions to blockchain, Ethereum, and the broader tech industry have solidified his position as a thought leader and visionary.


Stephan Tual is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for effective communication and community building. He gained recognition as the architect behind the marketing and partner strategy for Ethereum, a groundbreaking platform for smart contracts and next-generation blockchain technology. During his tenure, Ethereum successfully raised $18.9 million in the world's second-largest crowdfunding event and has since achieved a staggering valuation of over USD 500 billion.

Currently, Stephan is focused on leveraging his expertise through his consultancy, Ursium.AI, where he assists companies in navigating complex and cutting-edge technologies. His guidance helps organizations make sense of buzzwords like AI, ML, Deep Learning, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and SMPC, ensuring they can harness the potential of these next-generation advancements.

Additionally, Stephan Tual served as the Founder and COO of Slock.it, a venture-backed project that explored the intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain. Slock.it aimed to revolutionize the Sharing Economy infrastructure by utilizing Ethereum light nodes embedded in connected cars, homes, and other devices. This innovative approach empowered individuals to rent, sell, or share their property without the need for intermediaries.

With a wealth of experience in enterprise IT, including CTO positions at leading data analytics companies in London, Stephan brings nearly 30 years of industry knowledge to his entrepreneurial ventures. He has managed substantial IT budgets for esteemed clients such as VISA Europe, BP, the CO-OP, and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Stephan Tual's entrepreneurial journey continues to thrive as he stays at the forefront of leading-edge initiatives. He remains available for consulting projects through Ursium.AI, offering his expertise to organizations seeking to navigate the rapidly evolving technological landscape.


Stephan Tual's vision encompasses leveraging technology to drive innovation and create transformative solutions for businesses and communities. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its potential, he has been at the forefront of revolutionizing industries and challenging traditional models.

Central to Stephan's vision is the belief in the power of decentralized systems. Through his involvement in Ethereum and Slock.it, he has championed the concept of removing intermediaries and enabling peer-to-peer interactions. By utilizing blockchain technology, Stephan envisions a future where individuals have greater control over their assets and can engage in trustless transactions, disrupting industries such as finance, sharing economy, and supply chain.

Stephan Tual also emphasizes the importance of effective communication and community building. He recognizes that successful adoption of new technologies requires clear and relatable messaging. His passion for communicating the seemingly impossible enables him to bridge the gap between complex technical concepts and wider audiences, fostering understanding and engagement.

Stephan Tual
London, England, United Kingdom
Founder of CxO
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Founder of CxO, Governance & Project Management, Ethereum.
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