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Caring Beyond Measure, Enriching Lives Together: The St. Josef Foundation - Nurturing Community, Upholding Dignity, and Fostering Compassion Since 1903.


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With origins dating back to 1903, the St. Josef Foundation, rooted in Christian values, has been committed to serving Emsdetten city. It has transformed from a factory into a hub of care, evolving from an orphanage and hospital to a retirement home. Today, it continues to provide holistic elderly care, involving employees and volunteers to create a more compassionate society.


Committed to the social and common good of Emsdetten city and driven by Christian convictions, a Catholic clergyman and five well-known manufacturers acquired the factory building on the site of today's Josef Stifts in 1903. They pursued non-profit objectives through a GmbH structure.

Initially, the building served as housing for children and later accommodated a household and sewing school. Subsequently, it housed an orphanage, a girls' home, and a secondary school for girls in succession.

In 1927, coinciding with the introduction of unemployment insurance in Germany, the company closed to transfer its assets to the “St. Josef-Stift”. This foundation, formally established in 1929, continued the charitable purposes before the building was repurposed as a hospital during World War II. It later served as accommodation for displaced individuals and subsequently as a kindergarten. In the 1970s, it underwent conversion into a retirement home.

In 1976, the St. Josef-Stift was rebuilt on the same site and continued to operate as a retirement home with 114 places. Since then, the St. Josef Foundation has consistently driven the progress of geriatric and welfare care in Emsdetten.

In 1986, “Die Brücke”, a meeting place for seniors and a building with 21 senior apartments and the “Service Living” facility, were constructed adjacent to the St. Josef-Stift. A decade later, the foundation's board of trustees decided to construct a second retirement home. With the opening of the “Kastanienhof” in 1996, an additional 75 retirement home places were created in the city center.

In 2003, the St. Josef Foundation established “Haus Hannah”, a hospice with 10 places that supports seriously ill and dying individuals in the final phase of their lives.

The establishment of a facility tailored for individuals with dementia in 2003 further expanded the comprehensive elderly care spectrum in Emsdetten. The “Sonnenhof”, boasting 34 places and a special residential group concept, gained recognition beyond the city's boundaries.

The St. Josef Foundation's latest facility, the “Haus Simeon” senior citizens’ home, opened in 2012. Its unique care concept unites residents of 25 rooms with up to 14 day guests who receive care as part of day care.

With the relaunch of the outpatient care service St. Josef GmbH in September 2017, the St. Josef Foundation expanded its range of home care, support, and advice.

In addition to the extensive range of care and services within the senior citizens' facilities, the St. Josef Foundation also offers numerous programs in open work for the elderly, further training, and advisory support.

Fueled by a life-affirming conviction, approximately 500 employees, along with around 150 volunteer companions, actively engage every day as part of the Emsdetten community, assuming social responsibility.


We believe that humans are unique and loved and wanted by God, both in life and beyond death.

We can make a difference every day

Based on our life-affirming convictions, we recognize the dignity of every human being and respect it at all times and in every situation in life. This is independent of physical, mental or psychological limitations and also includes the right to self-determination of every person. The will of the individual person is in the foreground; In doing so, we orientate ourselves on his wishes and values. The Christian faith describes the framework of our values ??and our actions.

We see the whole person with their needs, possibilities, abilities and limitations. This refers to body, mind and soul.

We live in community because people need people. We share our lives as humans with other people. For us, participation means the right to help shape things. We recognize that people also live in other communities at the same time.


The St. Josef Foundation promotes life in the community. We are convinced that the diversity of individuals creates a lively coexistence. The satisfaction and well-being of the people living with us is the goal of our efforts.

We treat people with appreciation and respect.
We carry and support each other in a reliable and trusting relationship.
We accompany and support people in their spiritual being.

Based on our statutes, we see ourselves as a service community in the sense of church labor law. In addition, we want to treat employees with respect, attentiveness and empathy.
We demand and promote the professionalism of our employees. Due to our professionalism
and experience, we think and act innovatively and continuously develop ourselves.
The St. Josef Foundation promotes volunteer work.
We see ourselves as an integral and integrated part of the Emsdetten community in an open dialogue. We assume social responsibility. Due to its foundation concept, the St. Josef Foundation is committed to using the foundation's assets to preserve their value and to serve the community.

Products and Services

Your nursing service in Emsdetten and the surrounding area
We offer you comprehensive advice in all areas of care, whether by telephone, in person at your home or in our own rooms.

Our advice is aimed not only at outpatient care in a home environment and its scope, but also at light care tasks that can be carried out by relatives.

In order for everyone involved in the care of our patients to work together successfully, it is natural for us to respect different points of view and strive for a common solution.

Service living
Service living is a form of living in a senior-friendly environment, combined with an additional range of services. This means that a largely independent lifestyle in a private household can be combined with professional support and insurance.

Senior and care advice
We offer comprehensive advice and support tailored to your needs. Our free general consultation covers a wide range of topics, from MDK classification and care provider information to services like domestic emergency calls, housing advice, and aid supply. We also connect you with outpatient, day-care, and inpatient geriatric care providers, as well as services from the St. Josef Foundation. Our individualized support includes assistance plan creation, care requirement calculation, nursing degree application, and service coordination. Health insurance typically covers the costs of our advice and training. Additionally, we provide coaching for relatives and offer service contracts for regular home visits."

Open senior work | St. Joseph Foundation
The senior meeting place “Die Brücke” is a meeting place for older people in the city of Emsdetten. As a counterpart to the inpatient facilities, an open offer has been created for seniors from the city and the surrounding area.

With different locations for open work for the elderly, older people in Emsdetten are able to take part in differentiated offers. With the areas of encounters, information, health/exercise, dealing with new media and musical activity, we offer offers for a positive lifestyle.

We also offer low-threshold offers such as “Bewohla” and “Breathing”.

Stiftung St. Josef
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Michael Kruse (Board Member)


Public Sector

Products/ Services
Nursing service, Service living, Senior and care advice, Open work for the elderly
Am Markt 2-4 48282 Emsdetten, Germany
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Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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500K - 2M
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