Sunny Gurpreet Singh

The founder of Edifecs, RoundGlass and the visionairy behind the Wholistic Wellbeing concept

Sunny Gurpreet Singh is the founder of Edifecs, RoundGlass and the visionairy behind the Wholistic Wellbeing concept. Sunny Gurpreet Singh is a serial entrepreneur and wellbeing and corporate wellness leader whose life’s work is focused on sustainability and creating global holistic wellness solutions for humanity. Sunny works to achieve this by investing and developing new technology, sharing knowledge, and focusing on action for the good of the individual, community, and the wider world. RoundGlass is a company that defines him and his passions.


Sunny Gurpreet Singh is the founder of Edifecs and RoundGlass. He believes RoundGlass to be the ultimate life project of his. “Everything that happened in my life up to this point, has been in preparation for RoundGlass. The same way, I was destined to become an entrepreneur. Some people are lucky to find their calling in life early. But for the majority of us, as the journey of life unfolds, we are continuously soul searching. The time spent soul searching is, however, not lost. It prepares you for what your real life purpose is, it shapes you, and it shapes your character”. Before he turned 30, Singh had worked at three different companies, realizing very quickly at each that none of the jobs fulfilled him. He wanted to use his expertise solving supply chain and enterprise integration problems for a profitable organization that was making a meaningful difference. 


RoundGlass came from the time when Sunny was going through a challenging time on a professional level. At one point in the early 2000s, Edifecs started to struggle financially, all of which was exacerbated by 9/11. It was a difficult stage in the company’s history. For Sunny, on a personal level, this was a soul-searching stage. Despite already being in talks with bankruptcy lawyers and his friends insisting he left to work for Microsoft, he chose to persist. By 2005, all of Edifecs debts were paid off. During the financial crisis, the company grew aggressively and further expanded. He regards this as a growth story that could inspire many others: “if they could do it then, anyone could”.


My goal with RoundGlass is to transform the prevailing reaction-based approach in the healthcare world to one that’s proactive, focused on prevention in addition to treatment.

Recognition and Awards
The RoundGlass Foundation is helping improve the lives of people in my home state Punjab, India, through on-ground initiatives around learning, women’s empowerment, sustainability, etc. We have impacted the lives of over a million people in more than 1,000 villages of Punjab.

Sunny Gurpreet Singh
Founder of Round Glass
Montana State University-Bozeman
Social Media
Sun Feb 25 2024

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