Teana Baker-Taylor

Oversees the development of the GDF Code of Conduct with the crypto assets community and champions policymaker, regulator and industry outreach

Teana Baker-Taylor is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in strategic partnerships, proposition development, marketing, and communications, particularly in the fields of fintech, crypto, banking, and capital markets. She currently serves as the Executive Director and a member of the Board of Global Digital Finance (GDF), a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to fostering discussions on global policy, governance, and regulation for crypto assets.

As the Executive Director of GDF, Teana is responsible for overseeing the development of the GDF Code of Conduct, which aims to establish ethical standards and best practices within the crypto assets community. She works closely with industry participants, including influential digital currency and token companies, academics, and professional services, to promote a shared understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with tokens and digital currencies. Teana also plays a vital role in engaging policymakers, regulators, and other stakeholders to facilitate productive dialogue and collaboration.

Teana is passionate about the potential of crypto assets and recognizes their ability to facilitate global capital formation, tokenization of products and services, and emergence as a new asset class. With her extensive background in both traditional finance and the crypto industry, she leverages her expertise to bridge the gap between these two ecosystems, addressing common challenges related to commerce, regulations, and reputation.


Teana Baker-Taylor is a renowned figure in the cryptocurrency and fintech industries. With over 20 years of experience in strategic partnerships, proposition development, marketing and communications, Teana has made significant contributions to the advancement and adoption of digital assets.

Teana's journey in the world of finance began with her involvement in traditional banking and capital markets. She held senior positions at esteemed institutions such as HSBC, Citi, Fiserv, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Hilton Hotels, where she gained valuable insights into the workings of the financial industry.

Her transition into the crypto space started with her role as Executive Director of Global Digital Finance (GDF), a not-for-profit initiative focused on facilitating discussions on global policy and governance for blockchain and digital assets. During her time at GDF, Teana worked closely with policymakers, regulators, and industry participants to foster a shared understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with tokens and digital currencies. She played a key role in the development of the GDF Code of Conduct, which aimed to promote responsible practices within the crypto assets community.

Teana's expertise and passion for the opportunities presented by crypto assets led her to take on leadership roles at prominent companies in the industry. She served as the U.K. Director for Binance, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. In this role, Teana was responsible for expanding Binance's presence in the U.K. and Europe, overseeing product development, government relations, and regulatory affairs. Her efforts played a crucial part in shaping Binance's growth strategy and establishing its position in the European market.

Currently, Teana serves as the General Manager of the U.K. for Crypto.com, a leading cryptocurrency platform with millions of users worldwide. In this role, she drives the company's market strategy, operations, business development, partnerships, and product commercialization in the U.K. market. Crypto.com aims to provide a powerful alternative to traditional financial services, emphasizing security, privacy, and compliance while striving to make cryptocurrencies accessible to a broader audience.

Teana's deep understanding of both traditional finance and digital assets allows her to bridge the gap between these two ecosystems. She recognizes the shared commercial, regulatory, and reputational challenges faced by both industries and works towards building mutual understanding and collaboration.

Throughout her career, Teana has been recognized for her contributions and achievements in the fintech and blockchain sectors. She was named as one of the Standout 35 within the Innovate Finance 2018 Women in Fintech Powerlist, which highlights the most influential women in fintech globally. She was also honored as the 2020 Regulatory & Governance Leader of the Year at the Finance Monthly Women in Finance Awards. Teana's dedication and expertise have cemented her reputation as a thought leader and advocate for responsible innovation in the crypto space.


Teana Baker-Taylor's vision encompasses the transformative potential of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. She is a passionate advocate for the adoption and integration of these technologies into the global financial ecosystem. Her vision revolves around three key areas: accessibility, responsible innovation, and collaboration.

First and foremost, Teana believes in making cryptocurrencies and digital assets accessible to a wide range of individuals. She envisions a future where the barriers to entry are minimized, and anyone, regardless of their background or location, can participate in the digital economy. By promoting user-friendly platforms and solutions, Teana aims to turn the vision of "cryptocurrency in every wallet" into a reality. She recognizes the importance of security, privacy, and compliance in building trust among users and creating a solid foundation for widespread adoption.

Alongside accessibility, responsible innovation is a core aspect of Teana's vision. She understands the need for robust regulatory frameworks and industry standards that protect investors, consumers, and the overall integrity of the financial system. Teana works towards fostering dialogue and collaboration between policymakers, regulators, and industry participants to develop balanced and effective regulations. Her involvement in initiatives such as the GDF Code of Conduct and her leadership roles at organizations like Binance and Crypto.com demonstrates her commitment to driving responsible practices within the industry. Teana recognizes that responsible innovation not only protects stakeholders but also fosters the long-term sustainability and growth of the crypto ecosystem

Recognition and Awards
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Teana Baker-Taylor
London, United Kingdom
Vice President, Policy & Regulatory Strategy, EMEA - Chief Policy Officer Chamber of Digital Commerce - Managing Director at Looking Glass Labs & Non Executive Director - CryptoUK
20 Most Influential Women in Crypto - Financial News Dow Jones (2023)
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Fri Mar 01 2024

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