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techabc is a tech and media company to empower cities and nations with 4IR digital transformation, SaaS, Blockchain, AI, and smart cities tech.



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techabc is a company platform created to empower cities, citizens, and countries. The company was founded by Dinis Guarda and is part of the ztudium Limited group.

techabc offers cutting-edge innovative technology with AI, blockchain financial data-driven strategy for cities, organisations, and countries. We build premium platforms of the best-in-class tech to impact a very changing world.

It was created by a team of leading thought leaders, influencers, academics, technologists, and top financial personalities with decades of high-profile positions in some of the leading international organisations.

techabc is built on the platform provided by citiesabc focussed on reinventing, uniting, supporting, ranking the top 1000 cities/nations with a 4IR Blockchain, AI, Fintech, and IoT digital platform. Using the tools provided by the citiesabc: iDNA software, indexdna software, and lifesdna, techabc is building the largest mapping, resources, cities/nations index data research/resources platform.

techabc offers tools for growth to the best of our identity, research, health, art, culture, social, architectural, economic, political, environmental, and scientific with the optimal mix of nature, technology, humanity, and arts.

techabc is in partnership and collaboration with organisations like UCL, The EU AI Alliance, Fintech For Good, INSEEC, The University of Edinburgh, and United Nations Global Compact, to name a few.


techabc was founded in 2020 by the creators of Ztudium Limited for building and expanding into the current innovative revolution of financial technologies, metaverse, distributed ledger technology, data science and machine learning.

Since it was established, the company has launched a series of platforms and technology solutions, including; iDNA; indexDNA and lifesDNA. They have also produced research and academic papers with global universities and organisations.

Citiesabc is a global platform created by a team of industry leaders, academics, and experts to support cities and their populations. The organization aims to empower cities by providing a platform where ideas, resources, tech, data, and intelligence can be recorded, accessed, and shared. With over half of the planet living in cities and more than two-thirds of the world's population expected to be urbanized by 2050, cities are at the epicenter of humanity and social models.

Its indexDNA enabled the first holistic ranking system for the global top cities around the world based on smart governance and centered with humanistic approach.

The iDNA platform was launched to facilitate networking and sharing platform, as well as a fintech solution and a marketapp. The smart cities app was also made digitally inclusive for all individuals, enterprises, governments, and organisations. Its first case study and project launch was OuguiyaTI, Client Central Bank Mauritania and the lending co-operatives PROCAPEC. This was a financial cooperative app and CRM for a community of 250K members.

The Blueprint for Smart Cities, a research report in collaboration with citiesabc/indexDNA and the University of Durham, in partnership with University of Surrey, Big Innovation Centre and World Smart Cities Forum, was launched in 2022.


techabc aims to offer solutions and products to reinvent, support, and rank the top cities/nations with a 4IR Blockchain, AI, Fintech, and IoT. 

Every city/nation needs to become a live digital platform where ideas, resources, tech, data, and intelligence can be used in order to prosper. techabc offers multiple possibilities for 4IR digital transformation for businesses, and organisations.


Smart Cities worldwide are powered by 4IR technologies, especially emerging technologies: Web3, AI, fintech, IoT, and blockchain. These cities are the epicenter of humanity with social, economic, and technological models. Now, more than ever, in a world that is globally connected with technology, citizens, cities, and nations are facing many challenges.

techabc offers tech blockchain, AI digital tools, and platforms to strengthen, link, and unite cities and their struggling populations.

techabc is building and expanding into the current innovative revolution of financial technologies, distributed ledger technology, and machine learning.

Key Team

Dinis Guarda (Founder, CEO, Executive Chairman)

Hilton Supra (Partner, Vice Chairman Board Finance)

Sonesh Sira (VP Strategy Research, Partner Board)

Peyman Farahani (VP Digital)

An Nguyen (VP Operations)

Hernaldo Turrillo (VP Editor / Writer)

Fidan Aliyeva (VP Strategy Operations)

Gonçalo Pereira (CTO)

Recognition and Awards
techabc is in collaboration with governments and more than 50 universities, including: United Nations, MasterCard, The EU AI Alliance, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Phillips, The World Bank, Samsung, United Nations Global Compact, Greenpeace, UCL, Kuala Lumpur Tech City, AMerican Express, IBM, Microsoft Ventures, Saxo Bank, INSEEC, University of Monaco, Yingde Group, The University of Edinburgh, Ruh Global Impact, XnTree, Deloitte, Privum, Blockchain For Europe, Huawei, Ark-i Labs, BTC Ultimatum, World Smart Cities Forum, Fintech4Good, Republic of Mauritius, and UNOPS.

Products and Services

Techabc offers holistic 4IR digital transformation, fintech, Blockchain, AI smart cities tech through its platforms and products:

  • - A white label technology module tech App offering organisations and governments fintech, blockchain, and AI solutions in a box. iDNA is the SAAS software using the case study of ouguiyaTI the App (IOS & Android) that tecahabc did for a central bank and lending co-operatives in Africa with the World Bank to expand a social impact financial, fintech and messaging data platform marketplace for cities / countries / citizens / merchants / institutions and professionals.
  • indexdna - an AI & Big Data powered SAAS to index and create data visualisation of ecosystems, cities, countries, universities, communities
  • lifesdna - Lifestyle, wellness, and healthcare PaaS blueprint . Blockchain and AI powered search engine, operating system and marketplace for healthcare, wellbeing and lifestyle information
  • connecting and ranking the world's top cities and their citizens.

citiesabc platform is a digital transformation platform to empower, guide and index cities.. citiesabc was built to unite, support, rank the top cities/governments in the world. Reinventing, uniting, supporting, ranking the top cities/nations
with a 4IR, Web3, Blockchain, AI, ML, Fintech, IOT digital platform

  1. cities, organizations, and governments related.
  2. Creative industries: art, music, film, designers, and gaming - creators and influencers- through offering NFT solutions and tokenisation.
  3. People with disabilities and related organisations focusing on ParaOlympic Games type organisations.
  4. indexDNA - creating solutions for data ranking solutions using AI ML and blockchain tech. indexDNA is a SAAS proprietary software to build index solutions to manage, optimise and digitalise data and multiple open APIs.
  5. lifesdna: Holistic blockchain & AI powered, search engine operating system for wellness healthcare and lifestyle information, data and content, connected with a secure, decentralised marketplace and community for users, scientists, researchers, industry players and global influencers.
    • Consumer wellbeing – healthcare – lifestyle trusted destination
    • Exclusive reward token for researchers, influencers
    • Directory, selection of best academic / industry players / companies/ organisations
    • Community Marketplace
    • B2B2C community – industry marketplace

techabc Limited
Leadership team

Dinis Guarda  (Founder, CEO, Executive Chairman)

Hilton Supra (Partner, Vice Chairman Board Finance)

Sonesh Sira (VP Strategy Research, Partner Board)

An Nguyen (VP Operations)



Products/ Services
4IR digital transformation, fintech, Blockchain, AI, and smart cities tech
Number of Employees
0 - 50
85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, England, W1W 7LT
Company Type
Private company limited by shares or Ltd
Company Registration
500K - 2M
Funding Types
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