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The Food Bank Singapore sources and rescues more than 800,000 kilograms of food annually for their network of beneficiary organisations.


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The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) was founded by siblings Nichol and Nicholas Ng, owners of the X-Inc group of companies. Their inspiration came from observing the growing issues of rising food prices and food wastage in Singapore. FBSG was established as the country's first food bank with a mission to become the central coordinating entity for food donations in Singapore.

FBSG acts as a vital link between potential food donors and registered charity organizations or special groups with meal programs for low-income and underprivileged individuals and families. With a network of over 370 such organizations, FBSG serves more than 100,000 families and over 300,000 people, distributing various types of food.

Driven by a mission to eliminate all forms of food insecurity in Singapore by 2025, FBSG continually adapts to the needs of its beneficiaries and has introduced innovative food-related programs. These include the Food Pantry 2.0, an inventive food dispensing vending machine for beneficiaries; Food Bank Cards, which provide monthly top-ups for food choices; the Food Bank Central Kitchen, a charity kitchen employing R&D and technology to create nutritious meals; Virtual Foodbanking, an app streamlining food donations; Bank Boxes placed around the island for non-perishable food donations, and The Hunger Report, an annual study on food insecurity in Singapore.

In August 2012, FBSG attained charity status (Co. Reg No: 201200654E) and has since been dedicated to alleviating hunger and food insecurity in the country.


The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) has a meaningful history that traces its origins to the vision and dedication of brother-sister duo Nichol and Nicholas Ng, who were the owners of FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd, a reputable food distribution business in Singapore. Their journey began as they observed the food industry over the course of more than a decade, where they witnessed the challenges of rising food prices and significant food wastage. It was during this time that they recognized the pressing need for a food bank in Singapore.

In January 2012, FBSG was officially founded. The initial steps involved extensive data gathering and thorough research. The founders embarked on visits to over 30 non-profit organizations and homes to gain firsthand insights into the challenges faced by those in need. They carefully studied the operational models of organizations that provided free meals and dry rations to families requiring assistance. With this knowledge, they conceptualized their program and set a bold goal: to eradicate hunger in Singapore by 2025.

FBSG's core mission revolves around acquiring donated food that would otherwise go to waste. These food donations come from various sources, including farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, restaurants, consumers, and more. FBSG then channels these resources to those in need through a network of member beneficiaries, which encompass a diverse range of organizations such as homes, family service centres, soup kitchens, and Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs).

In recognition of its charitable efforts, The Food Bank Singapore was granted charity status in August 2012 (Co. Reg No: 201200654E) and was designated as an Institution of Public Character (IPC) in May 2015. Furthermore, FBSG became a registered member of The Global Foodbanking Network, which reflects its commitment to international efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity. FBSG's history is marked by a deep commitment to addressing food-related challenges in Singapore and ensuring that no one in the nation goes hungry.


The mission of The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) is to combat hunger and food wastage in Singapore by redistributing surplus food resources to those in need, with the ultimate aim of eradicating hunger in the nation.


The vision of The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) is to create a Singapore where no one goes hungry, by efficiently channeling surplus food to those in need, reducing food wastage, and building a stronger, more resilient community.

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The Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) primarily offers food redistribution services. They collect surplus food from various sources and distribute it to individuals and families facing hunger through a network of member beneficiaries, including homes, family service centres, soup kitchens, and Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs). FBSG's core service is focused on addressing food insecurity and reducing food wastage in Singapore.

The Food Bank Singapore sources and rescues more than 800,000 kilograms of food annually for their network of beneficiary organisations. The food distributed is vital for various food relief efforts such as community pantries, emergency food rations delivery and daily meal programmes.

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