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The Next Web (TNW) is a prominent European tech publication and a host of an annual series of conferences that serve as a hub for innovation, technology, and startups in the region. TNW's website is a comprehensive platform for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to stay updated on the latest trends, news, and insights in the tech world. Their conferences bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts from around the globe to discuss and showcase cutting-edge innovations, products, and ideas. TNW's events feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, making it a vital meeting point for startups, investors, and tech professionals. With a strong focus on European tech ecosystems, TNW plays a significant role in fostering growth and collaboration within the tech and startup community across the continent.

The Next Web (TNW) is a digital media company and event organizer that has played a significant role in the European technology and startup scene. Here's a brief history of the company: Founding and Early Years (2006): TNW was founded in 2006 by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It started as a blog and quickly gained recognition for its coverage of the European tech and startup landscape. Growth and Expansion: Over the years, TNW expanded its focus beyond blogging and began organizing tech conferences and events, starting with its first conference in 2006. These events brought together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts to discuss emerging trends and innovations. International Influence: TNW's conferences and website began to draw international attention and participation. The company's influence grew as it showcased European startups and connected them with global audiences, investors, and technology leaders. TNW Conference: The TNW Conference, held annually in Amsterdam, became one of the company's flagship events. It is known for its high-profile speakers, innovative startup showcases, and networking opportunities. The conference played a crucial role in promoting European tech entrepreneurship and fostering collaboration. Media and Content: TNW continued to expand its online presence with a strong focus on publishing technology-related articles, news, and insights. It became a reputable source for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs seeking the latest updates on the tech industry. Business Growth: TNW evolved into a diversified media and events company, hosting multiple conferences and expanding its online content. The company's influence extended well beyond Europe, making it a recognized brand in the global tech community. Acquisition (2019): In 2019, The Next Web was acquired by New York-based digital media company The Daily Beast, but it continued to operate as an independent entity. The Next Web has played a pivotal role in promoting and supporting the European technology and startup ecosystem, bridging the gap between European innovators and the global tech community. It remains an essential platform for tech news, insights, and networking opportunities in the digital age.

The mission of The Next Web is to be the premier platform that connects, informs, and empowers the global technology and startup communities. We aim to provide a comprehensive source of knowledge and inspiration, supporting innovators, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts in their quest to build a better future through technology. We are committed to fostering collaboration, showcasing emerging talent, and driving meaningful conversations that drive the tech industry forward.

The vision is to continue shaping the future of technology by being at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. They aspire to be the go-to resource for technology professionals and enthusiasts, enabling them to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. They will expand our reach globally, strengthening the connections between European startups and the worldwide tech ecosystem, all while maintaining our commitment to quality content, meaningful events, and thought leadership in the tech space.

The Next Web

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TNW is a website and annual series of conferences focused on new technology and start-up companies in Europe.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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