Thomas Schinecker

Thomas Schinecker is an Austrian/German executive with extensive experience in the healthcare industry, currently CEO of Roche Group.

Thomas Schinecker is an Austrian/German executive with extensive experience in the healthcare industry, spanning over 20 years. He has worked in various regions around the world, including Asia, the USA, and several European countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. These diverse experiences have shaped him both personally and professionally, and he enjoys the challenges and rewards of working and living in different cultures.

Schinecker recently made headlines as the incoming CEO of Roche, following a leadership shakeup announced by the company a few months ago. He is set to replace the long-standing CEO, Severin Schwan. Notably, Schinecker has played a pivotal role in leading Roche's efforts in developing COVID-19 test kits as the CEO of its diagnostics division. His successful leadership contributed to significant sales growth, with revenues reaching USD 19.4 billion, a 29 percent increase.

Schinecker's career at Roche began in 2003 when he joined the company and embarked on a comprehensive management development program across multiple regions, including Asia. In 2005, he transitioned to the diagnostics field and assumed the position of Head of Marketing and Sales for Roche Diagnostics in Austria. Subsequently, he held the role of General Manager for Roche Diagnostics in Sweden, followed by a two-year tenure in the United States. Later, he became the General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Germany.

In 2018, Schinecker joined Roche's global diagnostics team and took on the role of CEO in 2019. Throughout his career, he has emphasized the importance of diagnostics in addressing healthcare's greatest challenges, including cancer, infectious diseases, and other serious health threats.


Thomas Schinecker is a seasoned executive with a remarkable career in the healthcare industry, particularly within the Roche Group. He has held several leadership positions and contributed significantly to the growth and success of the organization.

Schinecker's journey with Roche began in 2003 when he joined the company and participated in the Global Management Program. During this program, he gained exposure to various facets of the business, including business development in Basel, sales in Singapore, marketing in Vienna, and global marketing in Mannheim.

His career progressed rapidly, and in 2005, Schinecker assumed the role of Head of Marketing and Sales for Roche Diagnostics in Austria. This position allowed him to develop his expertise in the diagnostics field. In 2008, he became the General Manager of Roche Diagnostics in Sweden, where he successfully led the operations of the subsidiary.

Recognizing his exceptional capabilities, Schinecker was appointed as the CEO and President of Roche Sequencing in 2011. In this role, he demonstrated his visionary leadership and strategic acumen, driving the growth and innovation of Roche's sequencing division.

Building on his successes, Schinecker took on the role of General Manager and Geschäftsführer of Roche Diagnostics Deutschland & Roche Deutschland Holding in 2013. During his tenure, he made significant contributions to the German market and further solidified Roche's position as a leader in the diagnostics industry.

In 2018, Schinecker joined the global diagnostics team and was entrusted with the role of President and Global Head of Centralized & PoC Diagnostics. His expertise and vision were instrumental in shaping the direction of Roche's diagnostics division, particularly during the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schinecker's exceptional performance and dedication led to his appointment as the CEO of Roche Diagnostics in 2019. Under his leadership, the company achieved significant milestones and experienced substantial growth, with sales reaching USD 19.4 billion.

In December 2022, it was announced that Schinecker would take on a new role as the CEO of Roche Pharma, further expanding his responsibilities within the Roche Group. From March 2023, he assumed the position, succeeding Severin Schwan, who transitioned to a board chair role.

Throughout his career, Schinecker has demonstrated a deep commitment to advancing healthcare solutions and has played a pivotal role in Roche's success. His extensive experience in different regions and his ability to navigate diverse markets have contributed to his well-rounded leadership style. With a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from New York University, Schinecker combines scientific expertise with business acumen, making him a highly respected and influential figure in the healthcare industry.


Thomas Schinecker is a visionary leader with a clear and forward-thinking vision for the healthcare industry. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to driving innovation, improving patient outcomes, and transforming the way healthcare is delivered.

One of Schinecker's key visions is to harness the power of diagnostics in tackling healthcare's greatest challenges. He recognizes that diagnostics play a crucial role in identifying diseases, guiding treatment decisions, and monitoring patient response. With this in mind, he has championed the development and implementation of cutting-edge diagnostic technologies and solutions that empower healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide personalized care.

Schinecker understands the transformative potential of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in healthcare. He envisions a future where these technologies are seamlessly integrated into diagnostics, enabling faster and more accurate diagnoses, improving workflow efficiency, and ultimately enhancing patient care. By leveraging digital innovations, he aims to create a healthcare ecosystem that is more accessible, efficient, and patient-centred.

Furthermore, Schinecker believes in the power of collaboration and partnerships to drive innovation and address complex healthcare challenges. He emphasizes the importance of working closely with healthcare providers, researchers, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders to collectively advance the field of diagnostics and bring about meaningful change.

Another aspect of Schinecker's vision is the democratization of healthcare. He believes in ensuring equitable access to high-quality diagnostics and healthcare services for all individuals, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status. This includes reaching underserved populations and addressing healthcare disparities through innovative solutions and partnerships.

Thomas Schinecker
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CEO of Roche Group, Lifesciences, Biotechnology, Genomics
Member of the Innovation Board of Labor Berlin (Charité and Vivantes)
New York University, German School Singapore
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Fri Mar 01 2024

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