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Toda Corporation primarily engages in the building construction and civil engineering businesses in Japan and internationally. The company is involved in the research, planning, design, management, and execution of architectural and civil engineering works, as well as provides engineering and consulting related services. It also engages in the research, planning, design, management, and execution works related to local and urban development activities, as well as provides related engineering and consulting services. Additionally, the company sells, purchases, rents, intermediates, manages, and appraises real estate properties. Further, it generates and sells renewable energy, as well as engages in the agricultural activities. The company was formerly known as Toda-Gumi Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Toda Corporation in 1963. Toda Corporation was founded in 1881 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


TODA Corp was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company has grown to become a global leader in electric vehicle and smart energy innovation.

TODA Corp strives to help people realize a more sustainable and vibrant future by developing innovative energy solutions.

TODA Corp envisions a world where energy is abundant, clean, and accessible to everyone.

Key Team

Hitoshi Asano (Exec. Officer)

Mr. Hiroyuki Miyazaki (Sr. Exec. Officer, Group GM of Building Construction Group & Representative Director)

Mr. Toshihiro Otomo (Exe Officer, Sr. GM of Mgmt Admin Div, GM of Gen. Affairs Div & Risk Mgmt Admin Div & Director)

Shinichi Nagata (Exec. Officer)

Mr. Hiroshi Uekusa (Exec. Officer, Sr. GM of Strategic Bus. Promotion Office & Director)

Takao Fukashiro (Exec. Officer)

Masato Miyake (Exec. Officer)

Recognition and Awards
TODA Corp has won multiple awards for innovation, including the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics for its breakthroughs in renewable energy research.

TODA corp
Leadership team

Seisuke Otani (Pres, Representative Director, CEO & GM of HR Strategy Division)

Mr. Yushi Kikutani (Sr. Exec. Officer, Group GM of Admin. Group & Representative Director)

Mr. Morimichi Toda (Sr. Exec. Officer, Sr. GM of Value Creation Promotion Office & Director)

Products/ Services
Blockchain, FinTech, Infrastructure, Software
Number of Employees
1,000 - 20,000
San Francisco, California, United States
Net Income
100M - 500M
Above - 1B
Traded as
Social Media
Fri Feb 23 2024

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