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Toronto Dominion Bank Group offers a full range of financial products and services. Toronto Dominion Bank Group offers a full range of financial products and services. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with more than 85,000 employees in offices around the world, The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Group (TD). 

TD offers a full range of financial products and services to approximately a 22million customers worldwide through four key business lines:- Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking including TD Canada Trust and TD Auto Finance Canada - Wealth and Insurance including TD Wealth, an investment in TD Ameritrade, and TD Insurance - Wholesale Banking including TD Securities - U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking including TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank and TD Auto Finance U.S.TD had CDN$862.5 billion in assets on October 31, 2013. TD also ranks among the world’s leading online financial services firms, with approximately 8 million active online and mobile customers. 

The Toronto-Dominion Bank trades on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges under the symbol "TD".The Toronto-Dominion Bank is a chartered bank subject to the provisions of the Bank Act (Canada). It was formed on February 1, 1955, through the amalgamation of The Bank of Toronto, chartered in 1855, and The Dominion Bank chartered in 1869.


1854: The group submitted its first petition for the incorporation of the Millers, Merchants and Farmers Bank of Canada West in 1854 to the legislature of the province of Canada, which rejected the request.

1855: Since our founding in 1855, TD Bank Group has grown from a single-branch bank serving grain millers and merchants, to a major financial services company, providing financial solutions to individuals and businesses around the world.

1856: The Millers' Association of Canada West, as Ontario was then known, coordinated its preliminary affairs, and on July 8, 1856, the bank opened its doors to the public.

1860: In 1860, it opened its first branch outside of Ontario, in Montreal.The Bank of Toronto established itself as an efficient, profitable, but essentially conservative bank through the 19th century. As the bank's business grew, a provincial branch network was built and expanded outside Ontario, to Montreal in 1860.

1865: The Canadian economy rebounded when markets in the United States reopened after the American Civil War in 1865.

1866: 1866 Founding of DeloroMen of the MineLife in a Company TownThe Deloro Clean UpDeloro War MemorialDeloro Sports GalleryThe Deloro General StoreDeloro Company photo gallery

1867: Inspired by the prosperity and optimism following Canada's founding in 1867, a group of professionals, industrialists and financiers raised funds to create a new financial institution.

1869: Eager to help the young country finance important nation-building projects, the Canadian Parliament issued a charter to The Dominion Bank in 1869.

1871: Core customers remained farmers, merchants, and processors of farm products (millers, brewers, distillers).In 1871, a group of entrepreneurs and professionals under the leadership of James Austin launched the Dominion Bank to join the Bank of Toronto in the Ontario market.

1872: Like all Canadian banks, they endured criticism of their credit policies and resisted the creation of a central bank to control the money supply and advise on fiscal policy. It also had direct ties to Toronto General Trusts, Canada’s first trust company, incorporated in 1872.

1897: In 1897, the Dominion Bank opened its first western branch in Winnipeg and two years later the Bank of Toronto opened a branch in the British Columbia mining town of Rossland.

1929: The impact of the 1929 stock market crash in New York was compounded in Canada by the beginning of a seven-year drought.

1934: Partly as a response to the outcry but also as an attempt to coordinate the industry, the Bank of Canada was founded in 1934 to issue currency, set interest rates, and formulate national monetary policy.

1954: By 1954, both the Bank of Toronto and the Dominion Bank occupied a special position among the nine major banks in Canada.

1955: On February 1, 1955, the Toronto Dominion Bank was born with 499 branches and a combined team of 5,500 employees.

1964: In 1964, to celebrate its 100th Anniversary, Huron & Erie sponsored tree plantings in communities across Canada.

1968: TD first appeared on TV in 1968, when its debut commercials included the slogan "The Bank Where People Make the Difference." In 1992 the, Bank acquired the assets of a major trust company, Central Guaranty Trust and began the operation of TD Bank and Trust.The 1990s saw TD responding swiftly to the challenges of the Internet and leading the way in e-banking. It encouraged women to move into management roles and appointed the first female bank manager in 1968.

1969: Capping this era of modernization, TD's introduced a new corporate identity in 1969 with the iconic TD Shield.

1973: Founded in 1973, Commerce Bank expanded rapidly over the next 30 years into metro New York and Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and South Florida, winning new customers with WOW! service and convenience.

1976: Canada Trust was recognized for its unparalleled customer service – including its precedent-setting extended hours of “8 to 8 six days straight” in its branches, which was launched in 1976.

1981: Problems began in 1981 when Dome purchased Conoco for US$1.7 billion.

1984: The bank moved into the discount brokerage business in 1984 with the introduction of Green Line Investor Services and less than a decade later launched its full service brokerage, TD Evergreen.

1987: In 1987, the company established Toronto Dominion Securities Inc. to provide corporate, treasury and investment banking services to corporate clients. Deregulation began to eliminate the barriers between the various elements of the financial sector, particularly with the Bank Act of 1987. By 1987, though, Brazil's debt alone totaled $90.4 billion.

1992: In October of 1992 an agreement was struck to purchase the positive assets of Central Guaranty Trust (the company itself was not purchased). The acquisition was completed on December 31, 1992.

1994: Commerce had earned its tagline "America's Most Convenient Bank" in 1994 when it introduced extended branch hours seven days a week, 361 days a year.

1995: By 1995 the bank was offering nearly 50 different funds. Toronto-Dominion Bank (French name: Banque Toronto-Dominion), also known to do their business as TD Bank Group (French name: Groupe Banque TD), is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It was created in 1995 through the merger of the Bank of Toronto and The Dominion Bank.

1996: In 1996, the bank created its web site and launched TD Access: PC, North America’s first fully integrated banking and brokerage PC package. In 1996 the New York-based Waterhouse Investor Services was purchased, a move that doubled the size of TD's discount brokerage overnight.

1997: He succeeded Thomson as CEO in February 1997 and then as chairman one year later. Then in October 1997 the bank spent C$214 million to acquire Kennedy, Cabot & Co., a closely held discount broker based in Beverly Hills, California. TD Bank also established a discount brokerage in London, England, in 1997 and was using an operation that had been established in Hong Kong as a beachhead for further expansion in Asia. During 1997 Toronto-Dominion added two Australian discount brokers to the fold, Pont Securities Ltd. and Rivkin Croll Smith, thereby gaining 50 percent of that market.

1998: In March 1998 another California discount broker, Jack White & Co., which was headquartered in San Diego, was acquired for US$100 million. But in April 1998 the bank agreed to merge with the number two Canadian bank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), to create what would have been the ninth-largest bank in North America. By the 21st century, the bank had positioned itself as a multi-channel e-commerce company.Also in 1998, the Toronto-Dominion Bank proposed to merge with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, at the same time as the Bank of Montreal proposed to amalgamate with the Royal Bank of Canada. In 1998, TD introduced Web Access and within a year made e-banking services available to a growing number of customers internationally. 1998: TD Bank's proposed merger with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is blocked by the Canadian government.

1999: The bank reported net income of C$3.03 billion for the year ending in October 1999, the largest such figure on record by a Canadian bank. In December 1999 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd. and TD Waterhouse entered into an alliance to launch an online brokerage business for the Japanese market.

2000: With more than 89 000 employees and over 22 million clients worldwide, TD Bank Group is one of the largest banks in Canada by total assets and it is also considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes. In 2000, TD purchased Canada Trust.

2001: In October 2001 TD Bank regained full control of TD Waterhouse by acquiring the 12 percent publicly traded stake for US$386 million.

2002: In July 2002 the U.K. operations of TD Waterhouse were further bolstered through the purchase of 50 percent of NatWest Stockbrokers, which had been wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc. By the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2002 TD Bank had been forced to take one-time loan-loss provisions of C$2.1 billion.

2004: Toronto-Dominion Bank then became majority owner in 2004 and renamed it "TD Banknorth, N.A." by adding the Canadian bank's popular "TD" initials.

2005: Also in 2005, TD acquires 51% of Banknorth. True to its commitment to build for the long-term, TD celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2005 by setting its sights on expanding its North American platform.

2006: In 1996 the New York-based Waterhouse Investor Services was purchased, a move that doubled the size of TD's discount brokerage overnight. It acquired 51% of TD Banknorth, which Forbes Magazine had dubbed the "best managed bank in America". A year later, in 2006, TD merged its United States based TD Waterhouse discount brokerage operations with TD Ameritrade, creating a top three discount broker in North America.

2007: In 2007, TD acquired the remaining shares of TD Banknorth and announced its intention to acquire Commerce Bancorp. TD Bank Group completed its purchase of TD Banknorth in 2007.

2008: On May 31, 2008, Toronto-Dominion Bank acquired Commerce Bank, and merged it with TD Banknorth to form TD Bank, N.A.. Also in 2008, TD is the first Canadian bank to appoint a Chief Environment Officer to lead the Bank's environmental portfolio and initiatives.

2009: TD Banknorth locations followed suit in September 2009, completing the merger of the two companies and uniting them under the TD Bank brand name.

2010: In 2010, TD Bank N.A. acquired the South Financial Group and its 172 branches across the Carolinas and Florida.

2011: Carolina First Bank in North and South Carolina and Mercantile Bank in Florida were rebranded in June 2011.

2016: In February 2016, TD Bank's consumer card division purchased the Nordstrom credit card unit for $2.2 billion.


“We will be the best run, customer-focused, integrated financial institution with a unique and inclusive employee culture.”


“The vision of the Toronto Dominion Bank is to be the leading North American financial institution, providing best-in-class products and services to customers.”

Key Team

Foster Glenn (SVP, Chief Information Security Officer)

Judy Dinn (Chief Information Officer)

Maks Volkovs (SVP, Chief AI Scientist)

Nadir Mohamed (Board Member)

Philip Aquilino (Executive Vice President)

Tomi Poutanen (Chief AI Officer)

Recognition and Awards
Toronto Dominion Bank has won multiple awards, including the 2021 North American Global Finance Digital Bank Awards for Most Innovative Digital Bank (third consecutive year), Best Online Product Offerings, and Best Mobile Banking App, a spot on Talent Magazine's list of Top 50 Employers in Canada, recognition from TD Securities for their consistent top awards, rankings and accolades, the 2022 BIG Innovation Awards for new digital banking features, and the "Best Consumer Digital Bank in North America" award for the second consecutive year.

Toronto Dominion Bank
Leadership team

Ajai Bambawale (Group Head & Chief Risk Officer)

David Kepler (Board Member)


Financial and Banking

Number of Employees
20,000 - 50,000
Toronto-Dominion Centre Toronto,Ontario
Company Type
Public Limited Company
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SEC CIK number: 0000947263
Net Income
1B - 20B
Above - 1B
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