Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester is a well-known macroeconomic analyst, Bitcoin investor, blockchain technology expert, and the editor-in-chief of Adamant Research.

Tuur Demeester has a self-described “out of the box” approach to macroeconomic analysis, and it’s one that has made his insight into Bitcoin’s unprecedented potential sought after by institutions (in 2021, Demeester’s bitcoin alpha fund Adamant Capital was sold to Blockstream, where he is now an advisor) as well as individuals (Demeester’s is ranked as the third “best Bitcoin Twitter account to follow” by social media analyst Hive.One).

Combining deep research into historical patterns, an academically-rigorous approach and a willingness to embrace new innovation, Demeester’s outlook on how Bitcoin fits into our wider world has been remarkable for its consistency and prescience for more than a decade.

He first recommended BTC as an investment to readers of his newsletter in 2012, when it was priced at $5. In 2013 (with bitcoin priced around $100), he told Bitcoin Magazine:

“I think bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies are the greatest investment opportunity of our day and age. First of all because bitcoin has all the qualities to make for an ideal money, to a greater extent than any digital or tangible commodity on the planet. Second, in contrast with traditional fiat money, bitcoin is designed for the internet; it’s open source, it’s mobile, fast, and it allows for personal privacy. Third, because we are approaching a bankruptcy event in the developed economies, both in banks and governments, I think that bitcoin, as a discrete and nonconfiscatable currency, will benefit greatly from the capital flight that will ensue.”


Tuur Demeester is a prominent macroeconomic analyst, Bitcoin investor, blockchain technology expert, and the editor-in-chief of Adamant Research. He has established himself as a respected figure in the cryptocurrency industry, known for his insightful research and analysis.

Born in Belgium, Tuur developed a passion for economics and finance from an early age. He pursued his education in economics, earning a Master's degree in Business Economics from the University of Leuven. His academic background provided him with a solid foundation for understanding the complexities of global markets and monetary systems.

Tuur's journey into the world of cryptocurrencies began in 2012 when he discovered Bitcoin. Recognizing its disruptive potential, he delved deep into studying the technology, its underlying principles, and its implications for the financial landscape. Impressed by the innovation and decentralized nature of Bitcoin, Tuur became an ardent supporter and investor.

As an independent macroeconomic analyst, Tuur started sharing his insights and research on Bitcoin and blockchain technology through his blog and social media channels. His writings gained significant attention for their rigorous analysis and critical thinking. Tuur's ability to provide a balanced perspective on the risks and opportunities of cryptocurrencies earned him a wide audience.

In 2015, Tuur founded Adamant Research, an independent investment research firm focusing on cryptocurrencies and macroeconomic trends. As the editor-in-chief, he leads a team of researchers in analyzing market dynamics, investment strategies, and emerging trends in the blockchain industry. Through Adamant Research, Tuur provides valuable reports and commentary to institutional investors, traders, and enthusiasts.


Tuur Demeester is a Belgian economist, investor, and writer with a keen interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Adamant Research, where he focuses on global macro investment opportunities, with a specialization in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Tuur's approach is "out of the box," combining academic rigor, a focus on historical patterns, productive investment paranoia, and a knack for exploring new territories and opportunities.

Tuur Demeester has a strong vision for the future of the global economy, which he believes will be significantly impacted by Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He sees Bitcoin as a decentralized, global currency that has the potential to disrupt traditional financial institutions and empower individuals around the world.

Demeester's vision is centered around the idea that Bitcoin can create a more fair and transparent financial system, which will benefit everyone regardless of their socio-economic status. He believes that by eliminating intermediaries and reducing transaction costs, Bitcoin can enable greater financial inclusion and economic freedom

Recognition and Awards
Tuur Demeester is the Editor-in-Chief of Adamant Research, where he specializes in global macro investment opportunities with a focus on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Demeester began publicly commenting on macroeconomic trends in 2008 and launched his investment newsletter MacroTrends in 2011. In 2006, Demeester co-founded the Belgian Rothbard Institute, an academic, research-oriented think tank, which provided a platform for scholars to explore topics related to economics and political philosophy. He was also a co-founder and staff member at the independent Sudbury school 'De Kampanje, School voor Persoonlijk Ondernemerschap', which focused on personalized learning and entrepreneurship. Demeester is also a published author, with his paper "The Business Cycle: A Definition" published in the Spanish academic paper 'Procesos de Mercado' in 2011. He also translated two books, 'Wat Heeft de Overheid met Ons Geld Gedaan?' by Murray Rothbard in 2006 and 'Geld, Krediet, en Crisis' by Jesus Huerta de Soto in 2011.

Tuur Demeester
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Mon Feb 26 2024

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