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twofour54 is a media and entertainment production company located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates that operates several production facilities, houses media companies and freelancers.


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twofour54 is a dynamic tax-free media zone in Abu Dhabi. Established in 2008, the company is named after the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi. It offers a range of attractive economic benefits for companies, including simplified licensing and business set-up services, as well as 100% foreign company ownership in a stable, tax-free environment. twofour54 has partnered with renowned media brands including CNN, Fox, Sky News Arabia, Ubisoft, and Cartoon Network, establishing its position as a key player in Abu Dhabi's evolving creative and media ecosystem.

twofour54 is located in and named after the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi (24° N, 54° E), capital of the United Arab Emirates. The media free zone's main campus is located on the mainland (Yas Island). It also operates a 70,000 square meter backlot in Kizad and production studios in Mussafah, expanding to build their Yas Creative Hub on Yas Island.

twofour54 is a thriving creative community made up of 700+ media companies situated in Abu Dhabi. From agile start-ups to global players like CNN, Sky News Arabia, Image Nation, Bidaya Media and Flash Entertainment, and a talent pool of 900+ freelancers and a youth community of 14,500, twofour54 is the hub for content creators.


The media free zone twofour54 was founded in 2008. It falls under Abu Dhabi Development Holding Company's remit, as a government-backed media and creative industries hub. Former Universal executive Wayne Borg joined the company as chief commercial officer, a role in which he served until 2013.

In 2012, twofour54 took over the operation of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, until its demise in 2015.

In 2020, Michael Garin was appointed CEO of twofour54.

The zone is home to a large number of international and local media companies, and offers infrastructure and support, such as end-to-end production services, government and travel services, 100% business ownership, and set-up and licensing.

twofour54 houses media companies in the audio, visual, and print industries, as well as news outlets and digital app creators.

As of 2020, more than 550 media companies and over 700 freelancers are based at twofour54, which has been involved in over 2,300 international major productions in Abu Dhabi.

Notable films produced at twofour54 include Mission: Impossible – Fallout, 6 Underground and Bharat, amongst many others.


twofour54's mission is to foster the growth and success of creative industries within a vibrant ecosystem. They strive to create an environment where creative professionals can connect, thrive, and succeed. By providing customized destinations that cater to the specific needs of creative communities, twofour54 promotes collaboration and inspiration.

From multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and freelancers, twofour54 offers a range of services throughout the entire lifecycle of businesses. Their mission is to enable these companies to flourish by providing customizable office spaces, world-class production facilities, and comprehensive business support services. By facilitating connections, offering top-notch resources, and fostering an atmosphere of creativity, 


twofour54 envisions becoming a globally recognized hub for creative and media industries, driving innovation and excellence in content creation. Their vision is to establish Abu Dhabi as a leading destination for creative professionals and companies, attracting talent and investment from around the world.

With a focus on fostering collaboration, nurturing talent, and promoting cultural diversity, twofour54 aims to create an ecosystem that inspires and empowers creative minds. They aspire to be a catalyst for growth and a catalyst for the development of a thriving creative community. By providing state-of-the-art facilities, industry expertise, and a supportive environment, twofour54 strives to unleash the full potential of creative industries, fueling economic growth and positioning Abu Dhabi as a vibrant and influential player in the global media landscape.

Key Team

Mark Whitehead (Chief Executive Officer)

Abdulaziz Al Dosari (Chief Support Services Officer)

Maha Al Jneibi (Executive Director Real Estate Development)

Samer Abu Haikal (Chief Financial Officer)

Ian Clarke (Acting General Counsel)

Derek Hall (Acting Chief of Studios)

Recognition and Awards
Over the years, twofour54 has been involved in the production of several notable films, including "The Bourne Legacy," "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," "Fast & Furious 7," "Mission Impossible: Fallout," and "Dune." These productions showcase the high-quality facilities and services available at twofour54, solidifying its reputation as a hub for successful film projects. The media zone has also been home to esteemed companies and organizations. CNN, Euronews, Forbes, Fox, M&C Saatchi, Oracle, Sky News Arabia, and Russia Today are among the prominent names that have chosen twofour54 as their base. In addition to film and media production, twofour54 has been involved in television projects such as "Top Gear," "Boxing Girls," and "Al Asoof".

Products and Services

‘twofour54’ is a media-based Free Zone in Abu Dhabi, located near to central Abu Dhabi, the international airport and Yas Island. Named after the geographical co-ordinates of Abu Dhabi (24° North, 54° East) it offers competitive economic benefits for companies such as simple licensing and business set-up services, and 100% company ownership in a stable environment.

The twofour54 Free Zone currently encompasses over 400 companies operating in the creative industries, from international brands such as the CNN, Sky News Arabia and Cartoon Network Studios through to a wide range of small to medium size companies.

The distinctive ‘Freelancer’ licence provides access to a vast pool of media professionals ready to add value to all businesses that setup in the Free Zone. The Free Zone now has a talent pool of around 4,000 professionals, including over 600 freelancers.

The twofour54 Free Zone offers a campus environment with facilitated business networking, state-of-the-art infrastructure, on-site vocational media training, world-class studio production and post-production facilities supported by technical staff, a strong IP protection framework and a critical mass of sector knowledge and talent.

The ‘twofour54 connect’ online portal provides the latest information about news and events at twofour54, facilities and services, as well as any new partners and freelancers that have joined. It is also home to the ‘twofour54 briefing room’, a free online service for matching and connecting clients with media agencies and specialists from the hundreds of expert service providers available at twofour54, as well as providing twofour54 partners with exclusive access to Abu Dhabi government contracts.

The Media Zone Authority is responsible for overseeing all regulatory and licensing aspects of the Free Zone, which includes developing, and ensuring compliance with, the regulations, codes and policies and procedures, as well as registering and licensing companies, branches and sole proprietors (freelancers). It further develops initiatives and events to facilitate business integration, networking and collaborative development.

twofour54 Tawasol is a customer-centric platform that serves as a comprehensive one-stop-shop, catering to the diverse needs of its local and global customers. With a focus on convenience and efficiency, Tawasol offers a wide range of business support services and more. It acts as a central access point for information and assistance related to business setup, residency and visas, government permits, as well as travel, hotels, and cargo services.

Tawasol serves three main categories of clients, including twofour54 partner companies and freelancers, Abu Dhabi-based companies, and productions filming in Abu Dhabi. By providing streamlined services, Tawasol has facilitated over 44,000 transactions to date. It has issued over 26,000 visas, including 1,200 Golden Visas, demonstrating its commitment to facilitating smooth processes for its customers. With an average of 600 monthly visa transactions and booking over 32,000 hotel rooms per year, Tawasol ensures a seamless experience for its clients, simplifying their operations and enhancing their productivity.

twofour54 Abu Dhabi
Leadership team

Faisal Al Hammadi (Chairman)

Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri (Deputy Chair)

Roque Solabarrieta (Board Member)

Amina Taher (Board Member)

Esteban Gómez Nadal (Board Member)


Media and Communications

Products/ Services
customizable office space, production facilities and services, talent development initiatives, training and business support services.
Number of Employees
500 - 1000
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Company Type
Private company limited by shares or Ltd
Social Media

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