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Virgin Records is a renowned record label that is currently owned by Universal Music Group.


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Virgin Records is a renowned record label that is currently owned by Universal Music Group (UMG), one of the largest music companies in the world. Originally established as a British independent record label in 1972, Virgin Records was founded by Richard Branson, Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and musician Tom Newman.

Over the years, Virgin Records experienced remarkable growth and achieved global success. The label boasted an impressive roster of platinum-selling artists, including Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Devo, Tangerine Dream, Genesis, Phil Collins, OMD, the Human League, Culture Club, Simple Minds, Lenny Kravitz, the Sex Pistols, and Mike Oldfield, among others. These artists played a pivotal role in elevating Virgin Records' status, transforming it into a major label alongside other prominent international independents like A&M and Island Records.

In 1992, Virgin Records underwent a significant transition when it was sold to Thorn EMI. Subsequently, EMI itself was acquired by Universal Music Group in 2012. As part of the acquisition, UMG established the Virgin EMI Records division, keeping the esteemed Virgin Records name alive. Presently, UMG continues to utilize the Virgin Records brand in specific markets such as Germany and Japan, maintaining its recognition and influence in the music industry.


Virgin Records is a renowned record label that has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Founded in 1972 as a British independent record label, Virgin Records was the brainchild of entrepreneur Richard Branson, along with Simon Draper, Nik Powell, and musician Tom Newman. The label's humble beginnings were marked by its unconventional and rebellious spirit, which would come to define its identity in the years to come.

In its early years, Virgin Records focused on signing and promoting emerging talent across various genres. The label quickly gained attention with its roster of groundbreaking artists and unique releases. Virgin Records became a platform for artists to explore their creative freedom and take risks that traditional labels might have shied away from.

The breakthrough moment for Virgin Records came in 1973 with the release of Mike Oldfield's debut album, "Tubular Bells." The album's immense success propelled Virgin Records into the spotlight and solidified its reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking label. This achievement laid the foundation for Virgin Records' future success and growth.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Virgin Records continued to flourish, signing a diverse range of artists and releasing critically acclaimed albums. The label's roster included influential acts such as Genesis, Tangerine Dream, the Sex Pistols, Simple Minds, Culture Club, and many others. Virgin Records became synonymous with groundbreaking music and a distinct brand image.

In 1992, after two decades of independent operation, Virgin Records faced a significant turning point. It was acquired by Thorn EMI, a major music corporation at the time. The acquisition marked a new chapter in Virgin Records' history, as it transitioned from an independent label to a part of a larger conglomerate. Despite this change, Virgin Records maintained its unique identity and continued to nurture innovative artists.

In 2012, another pivotal moment occurred when EMI itself was acquired by Universal Music Group (UMG). As a result, UMG created the Virgin EMI Records division, ensuring that the prestigious Virgin Records name would live on. Under UMG's ownership, Virgin EMI Records retained its commitment to fostering artistic creativity and pushing boundaries.

Today, Virgin Records remains a prominent label within UMG's portfolio, known for its rich history and contribution to the music industry. While its operations may vary in different markets, the Virgin Records brand continues to be associated with excellence, artistic freedom, and a pioneering spirit that has shaped the course of popular music.


The mission of Virgin Records has always been to discover, support, and promote exceptional musical talent while embracing innovation, creativity, and artistic freedom. From its inception, the label has strived to challenge the status quo and provide a platform for artists to express themselves authentically.

Virgin Records is dedicated to nurturing artists who push boundaries, break new ground, and captivate audiences with their unique voices and perspectives. The label seeks to create an environment that fosters creativity and enables artists to explore their artistic visions without limitations.

A key aspect of Virgin Records' mission is to provide a supportive and collaborative space for artists to thrive. The label values the diverse range of musical genres and styles, and it aims to celebrate and amplify the voices of artists from various backgrounds and cultures.

Furthermore, Virgin Records is committed to delivering exceptional music to audiences worldwide. The label believes in the power of music to inspire, connect, and transcend boundaries. By consistently delivering high-quality and groundbreaking music, Virgin Records aims to enrich the lives of listeners and contribute to the cultural fabric of society.

In addition to supporting artists, Virgin Records strives to pioneer new approaches to music distribution, marketing, and engagement. The label embraces technological advancements and seeks innovative ways to connect artists with their fans in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By staying at the forefront of industry trends, Virgin Records continues to adapt and find innovative solutions to promote and distribute music effectively.


The vision of Virgin Records is to be a trailblazing force in the music industry, recognized for its unwavering commitment to artistic integrity, innovation, and cultural impact. The label envisions a world where music transcends boundaries, connects people, and shapes the cultural landscape.

At the core of Virgin Records' vision is the belief in the transformative power of music. The label strives to be a catalyst for change, using music as a vehicle to inspire, provoke thought, and ignite conversations. It envisions a future where music acts as a unifying force, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding among diverse communities.

Virgin Records aspires to be a platform that nurtures emerging talent and amplifies their voices. The label envisions itself as a launchpad for artists to explore their creative potential, pushing the boundaries of their artistry and challenging conventional norms. By providing a supportive and collaborative environment, Virgin Records aims to empower artists to make a lasting impact with their music.

In line with its visionary approach, Virgin Records seeks to pioneer new models of music distribution, consumption, and fan engagement. The label envisions leveraging cutting-edge technologies and embracing digital platforms to create immersive and interactive experiences for music enthusiasts. It aims to redefine the relationship between artists and fans, fostering deeper connections and fostering a sense of community.

Additionally, Virgin Records aspires to be a leader in championing diversity, inclusivity, and social responsibility within the music industry. The label envisions a future where artists from all backgrounds are celebrated and their stories are heard. By actively promoting equality and supporting initiatives that drive positive change, Virgin Records aims to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Key Team

Andrew Swaffield (Chief Commercial Officer)

Holly Branson (Chief Purpose and Vision Officer)

Ian Woods ( General Counsel and COO)

Ash Shah (Finance Director)

Evan Lovell (Chief Investment Officer)

Nikki Humphrey (Chief People Officer)

Recognition and Awards
Over the years, Virgin Records has garnered significant recognition and received numerous awards for its contributions to the music industry. The label's commitment to nurturing talent, releasing groundbreaking music, and pushing creative boundaries has been acknowledged by prestigious institutions and industry accolades.

Products and Services

Virgin Records offers a diverse range of products and services that cater to the needs of artists, music enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders. With a focus on innovation, quality, and artist development, the label aims to deliver exceptional experiences and support the growth of the music industry as a whole.

Artist Development: Virgin Records provides comprehensive artist development services, working closely with emerging and established artists to nurture their talent and elevate their careers. This includes guidance in songwriting, production, branding, and marketing strategies, helping artists refine their craft and reach their full potential.

Music Production and Distribution: The label offers state-of-the-art recording facilities and a team of experienced producers and engineers to assist artists in creating high-quality recordings. Virgin Records also handles the distribution of music across various platforms, ensuring wide availability and exposure for artists' work.

Marketing and Promotion: With a dedicated team of marketing and promotion experts, Virgin Records devises tailored strategies to promote artists and their music to target audiences. This includes digital marketing campaigns, social media engagement, radio and television promotion, press releases, and strategic partnerships to maximize visibility and reach.

Touring and Live Performances: Virgin Records supports artists in planning and executing successful tours and live performances. The label assists in booking venues, managing logistics, and promoting concerts to ensure that artists can connect with their fans and deliver captivating live experiences.

Merchandising: Virgin Records offers a wide range of artist merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and collectibles. These products allow fans to show their support for their favorite artists and create a deeper connection with the music they love.

Licensing and Sync Opportunities: The label actively explores licensing and sync opportunities for its artists, enabling their music to be featured in films, television shows, advertisements, and other media platforms. This helps artists expand their reach, gain exposure to new audiences, and generate additional revenue streams.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Virgin Records facilitates collaborations and partnerships between artists, producers, songwriters, and industry professionals. These collaborations not only foster creative growth but also open doors to new opportunities and innovative projects.

Music Industry Consultation: Virgin Records offers consultation services to artists, managers, and industry stakeholders seeking guidance on various aspects of the music business. This includes advice on contract negotiation, legal matters, rights management, and overall career strategy.

Virgin Records
Leadership team

Peter Norris (Chairman)

Josh Bayliss (CEO)


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