Widy Medina

Widy Medina is an innovator and tech entrepreneur and CEO of Telebionix

Widy Medina is an innovator and tech entrepreneur. Widy is the founder and CEO of two technology companies, including Telebionix, with vast experience ranging from robotics, product design, fabrication, automation to electronic assembly of consumer products, food and beverage tech, biotech, medical devices, and pharmaceutical industries.


Widy Medina has over 25 years of experience with program management, product design/development, software development management, NPI, engineering design management, fabrication, automation, and full system integration. Cross-functional team management on projects including consumer products, medical devices, manufacturing, pharmaceutical process, food and beverage manufacturing, biotech and electronic assembly.

Widy Medina has extensive expertise in product design and development, industrial automation, industrial controls, tool design, machine design, and prototype development. Experience in Cad design (Autodesk/ Pro-E/ SolidWorks), PLC Programming, Motion Control, Robotics, machine / plant level automation.

In 2019, Widy founded Burgundy Tech, a tech company for Automation Engineers. “We have been in the fire, we have gone through the pain and decided we will change the Automation world forever. Burgundy Tech is the partner you always wanted to have at the product representation and distribution side, we are and will be an extension of your design and development team. We will never be a product catalog and will never leave a customer alone in the dark of unlimited and unclear alternatives. Our mission is first to understand your application in detail and then work together on a viable, affordable and elegant solution,” Widy Medina mentioned about Burgundy Tech.

In January 2020, and along with Aghiath Chbib, he co-founded Telebionix, a MedTech innovation company headquartered in California. The company’s central objective is to develop industry standards for intelligent and interconnected medical devices while providing their customers with simple, effective, life-saving products and healthcare technologies.


We have been in the fire, we have gone through the pain and decided we will change the Automation world forever. 

Recognition and Awards
· Tesla Motors*: Lead for Main electrical motor inverter unit Automated manufacturing line $3.2M. · Tesla Motors*: Lead for Battery pack assembly line $2.8M. · (NDA protected): Lead Automated Mobile device camera assembly line $16M+. · (NDA protected)*: Lead Automated line for Ultra-thin Keyboard Manufacturing Line $12M+. · CR Bard*: Lead Automated line for Hernia patch production line $1.9M. · Amgen*: Lead Auto injector production Line $4.7M.

Widy Medina
Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
Tech Entrepreneur, CEO
Georgia Institute of Technology
Social Media
Sun Feb 25 2024

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