Francis Bacon once said “knowledge is power”, and he was bang on the money. Without information, businesses can’t succeed in 2018 because the stats hold the answers. Knowledge is just one reason Big Data is a juggernaut in the industry today. Learning how to use the info to your advantage is the key for any business owner living on God’s green earth. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as simple as reading a book or surfing the World Wide Web. To gain power, entrepreneurs have to get creative and use their yearning to their advantage.

Below are four hacks which hit the nail right on the head



Training is something that people who aren’t in a position of power use to boost their chances of success. For example, an unemployed man or women will pass the course and use the qualification to secure a new position. However, once they have their feet under the table, the quest for knowledge starts to subside. It’s human nature to tick along when there is no reason to put in any extra effort. Sadly, this attitude stops businesses from reaching their true potential, which is why compulsory classes are the norm. If mandatory isn’t your thing, you can make the benefits too good to miss out on.


The Competition


A company shouldn’t let its ego get in the way of success. Yes, you compete with your rivals and want to win. Still, there is nothing wrong with admitting they do some things better than the rest of the industry. In fact, it’s essential to be modest and use the realisation to improve the firm. The savvy owners look to their competitors and “steal” the features which make them money. Take Samsung and Apple as an example. A lawsuit accused the Korean company or pinching technology, yet they made millions regardless.




Research doesn’t just take the form of market exploration. Although it’s vital, businesses have to find other ways to gain a foothold in the industry. Without a doubt, the best option is to secure alternative sources of income. Okay, so it isn’t as easy as striking a deal. Or is it? Credit cards for fair credit, no annual fee included, are excellent, quick sources of cash. By researching the pros and cons beforehand, you can easily decide whether it’s a smart or stupid investment. Thanks to the internet, investigations are straightforward with the help of Google and other search engines.




Once you have the necessary knowledge, don’t be afraid to teach others the tricks of the trade. People say those that can’t, teach, yet that isn’t true. In reality, selling information for money is a clever way to keep the company budget healthy. And, it doesn’t take much to make a sale. Business consultants, for instance, are in vogue these days and sell like hotcakes. The same goes for trainers, business or otherwise, as well as coders. Learning to earn is the way forward. How do you plan on doing it?