Cevat Yerli

Cevat Yerli is a game developer and the Founder of TMRW Foundation.


Cevat Yerli, a visionary video game developer who began crafting computer games at the age of 12. When Cevat was 19, he established Crytek, one of the largest video game developers in Germany. He has introduced acclaimed IPs like Far Cry and Crysis, and the innovative CryEngine 3D Platform, collaborating with industry giants such as Microsoft, Tencent, Sony, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. He had also launched GFACE, a social gaming network that hosted free-to-play titles streamed over the internet, in 2012.

In 2017 Cevat Yerli launched The TMRW Foundation, a new for-profit deep tech organisation. One of the foundation’s initial projects involved being contracted by the UAE Ministry of Health in the creation of a metaverse service centre.


Cevat Yerli is a pioneering figure in the world of computer games, having embarked on his journey at the remarkable age of 12 when he crafted his initial computer game within the confines of his childhood bedroom. This early foray into game development foreshadowed a remarkable career trajectory.

By the age of 19, Cevat founded Crytek, an industry-defining entity that would go on to produce a series of critically acclaimed blockbuster IPs, including renowned titles such as Far Cry and Crysis. These games captivated the imaginations of millions worldwide and garnered not only widespread player engagement but also hundreds of prestigious awards. Cevat's influence extended beyond gaming, as he gained global recognition as a digital trailblazer, particularly for his role in revolutionising the game development landscape through the disruptive CryEngine 3D Platform.

His impact was not confined to the gaming realm alone; Cevat collaborated with major global players, counting Microsoft, Tencent, Sony, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google among his esteemed collaborators. This network of partnerships highlighted the extent of his influence and the recognition of his expertise in the tech and gaming industries.

In his current role as the leader of The TMRW Foundation, Cevat spearheads a mission to shape a future for Web3 that is deeply rooted in humanity. With a portfolio boasting more than 300 patents, he is committed to unlocking the limitless potential of human communication through The Internet of Life™. This visionary endeavor positions Cevat at the forefront of technological innovation, aiming to redefine the way we interact with the digital realm.

As the founding CEO of ROOM 3D, Cevat continues to push boundaries with lifelike 3D video communication software. This cutting-edge technology is underpinned by the new cinematic communications 3D engine platform, RealityOS™, showcasing his ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of digital communication.

Cevat's core belief is rooted in the idea that in the next generation, the entire planet will embrace a gaming culture. To fully harness human potential, he advocates for the humanization and infusion of fun into the primary modes of interaction with the world and everyday life. In essence, Cevat Yerli stands as a visionary leader who has not only shaped the gaming industry but is actively contributing to the evolution of our digital future.


CEO & Founder at ROOM 3D
Sep 2020 - Present · 3 yrs 2 mos

Member of the Honorary Senior Advisory at The Hague Institute for Global
2020 - Present · 3 yrs 4 mos

Founder. Chairman & CEO at The TMRW Foundation
Jan 2017 - Present · 6 yrs 10 mos

Strategic / Major Shareholder at Crytek
1999 - Sep 2023 · 24 yrs 9 mos

President & CEO / Co-Founder at Crytek
Jan 1999 - 2016 · 17 yrs 1 mo 


Cevat Yerli envisions a future where the entire planet becomes a community of gamers. His core belief is that to unlock our full human potential, interactions with the world and everyday life must be humanised and enjoyable. As a leader in technology and gaming, he is dedicated to shaping a human-centric Web3, emphasising the unlimited potential of human communication through The Internet of Life™. Through ventures like ROOM 3D and the TMRW Foundation, Cevat is at the forefront of creating a future where technology enhances our lives, making them more engaging, interactive, and, above all, fun.

Cevat Yerli
video game developer, entrepreneur, technologist
Known for
Crytek (Co-Founder and former CEO & President), Founder (TMRW Foundation)

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