Hiring is a tricky business. You want to make sure you hire someone with the right credentials, but who also will be a good fit for your team and your company culture. While a computer system can do a great job of narrowing the applicant pool, a human touch is necessary to really choose the best person for the role. If you want to pick good people in 2021, here’s what you need to consider.


Background Check


To make it fair, everyone in your company should have a background check if even one person will have one. You don’t want to be accused of discrimination. Even if a role won’t have access to sensitive information, a clear background check ensures that person can move into any role within your company. No longer will you need to wait weeks for the results either. Many companies offer a fast background check that you can see within a day or two.


Clear Job Descriptions


You’ve probably had a job in your lifetime where the description was so broad and vague that you weren’t sure what you’d really be doing when you worked for that company. If you make your job descriptions as clear as possible, it’ll help you find the best candidates for the role. It would be a shame to spend a lot of time interviewing an individual only to find out they aren’t really interested in what the job entails.


Remote Work Options


Since 2020 happened, it’s clear that most companies can thrive with remote work as an option. While you may not want your employees at home 100% of the time, many people are now only looking at jobs where they can work from home at least part-time. These options help employees manage their work and life better, it offers flexibility, helps them save money on gas, and provides a better overall sense of happiness with work.


Benefits Packages


If you have been offering benefits only to staff in the office, it’s time to consider what you can do for employees who work remotely. Remote staff can benefit from continued education, home office upgrades, and more. You want to ensure you have competitive benefits packages that impact both those people who work on site and off site.


In-Person or Video Interviews


There is nothing like an in-person interview. Thankfully with everything opening up in 2021, you can more easily interview people in person once again. Body language, facial expressions, and more are cues you can observe to find out if a person is a good fit for your business. Their qualifications get them the interview, but let’s face it, the interview seals the deal one way or another. Video interviews are a good alternative if you can’t meet in person. But the best option will always be to sit in an office and interview someone on site.


Ask More Robust Questions


People who worked, took care of children, and managed their stress well during the height of the pandemic in 2020 have a unique set of soft skills that can’t be measured in a resume. Ask questions to help you understand how they handled all those moving pieces. The people who did the best under this kind of pressure are going to be a great asset to your company especially if it’s a high-pressure environment. Your typical “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” type of questions may no longer be relevant compared to “how many different responsibilities did you manage during the pandemic?”.


Treat Them Like a Client


When you’re hiring someone, you want to treat them the same as you would an important client. Respect their time. Don’t be late. Offer them a comfortable place to sit during the interview. Offer them a glass of water. Think through all the little things you would do for a client and then do that for your candidates. It’s been common practice to treat potential employees with an interrogation, but remember, they are interviewing you too. Hiring in 2021 will require a flexible approach. Treat your candidates as honored guests when you interview them. Offer excellent benefits to both on-site and remote employees, and create clear job descriptions. You’ll attract quality employees who will want to stay on as long as they can to help your business grow and thrive.