Hiring for non-profits is very different than with any other organization. The goal of most non-profits is to impact the world in a positive way. Their first goal is to achieve their mission and purpose, not building a client base, satisfying stockholders, or gaining market shares. So, more emphasis has to be put on the human factor. However, if you’re hiring for managerial or executive positions, they also have to have important administrative skills as well as a drive for your cause. But how can you 

attract talent

 that is both competent and shares the same vision as yours?

Portray your Cause Correctly

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your organization’s mission is loud and clear. The non-profit label is not enough here. You have to make sure that you portray your cause correctly and show what differentiates your organization. This way, you’ll be able to attract talent that will not only be aligned with your mission but your actual approach as well. While two organizations may be targeting the same issue, both could have completely different philosophies. So, make sure that they understand what your philosophy is to make sure that it doesn’t clash with their beliefs.

Understand Recruitment Marketing

The principles behind recruitment marketing and regular marketing are the same, but in this case, instead of showcasing products, you’re selling a position. The goal is to make your job offering as attractive as possible. You can do that by highlighting unique employee benefits and leveraging your non-profit’s values to attract top talent. For instance, you could showcase things like salary options, retirement plans, insurances, and so on. You should also make sure that your job listings are as clear as possible and that your candidates know exactly what will be expected of them and how they can contribute and grow through your organization. The more attractive and specific your pitch is, the more you’ll be able to attract top talent and retain it.

Work with the Proper Recruitment Agency

Working with a recruitment agency can also be a great way to find top talent, especially for executive positions. But you have to work with an agency who has experience with non-profits and know how to screen for the type of candidates that non-profits look for. There are 

nonprofit recruiting

 agencies like The Recruiterie, for instance, who have years of experience recruiting for non-profit agencies. They will take the time to sit down with you to understand your organization’s culture, purpose, goals, and needs, and will find candidates that are not only aligned with your cause but are actually qualified to meet your functional needs.


While many people dream of working for a non-profit, finding people who both have the expertise and a passion for your cause isn’t always easy. Make sure that you follow the few tips in this article if you want to get attract top talent and make sure that they’ll be the right fit for your organization.

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