Has your company enjoyed great domestic success, with strong sales and revenue in the USA? It might be time to think about expanding overseas. If you are strategic with where you choose for your expansion, it could set your organization up for even greater fortunes. Depending on what your products and services entail, this can shape the territories and locations that you target for cross-border activities. Here, we will look at four markets and cities that can provide you with the perfect platform to make it big abroad.



Tokyo, Japan


One of the global homes of technology – if your offering is focused around modern machinery, then targeting Tokyo may work perfectly. With so much expertise in the area, Tokyo can be the perfect place to source new business partners or to learn from existing tech giants as you look to add more strings to your bow. Foreign investment is something that the Japanese economy is also very favorable toward, with 76% of all companies in the country affiliating with an overseas organization. Tokyo is also home to the second-most Global 500 company headquarters. Only Beijing acts as a home for more of these world-leading corporations.


Sydney, Australia



A private jet charter could take you to ‘The Lucky Country’ in just 13 hours, where plenty of opportunities for growth await. Proximity to key Asian markets is assisted by the ease of settling existing staff into Australian culture, making it a popular location for American businesses to quickly expand overseas. The business culture in Australia is also familiar to American businesses, with shared frameworks across matters involving the law, finance and consumer demands.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The vast wealth of the Emirates has attracted numerous businesses to Dubai in recent years and this shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Again, location plays a huge factor, with Asia, Africa and Europe within fairly easy reach of Dubai and local airlines striving to make this more and more accessible. Local infrastructure is also exceptional, making it easy to set up offices and commercial premises in Dubai, as well as transport any goods required with ease.


London, United Kingdom


For truly global expansion, London still makes a huge amount of sense as a target for American businesses. Sat in the middle of the world’s time system, basing in London allows you to crossover operations in the West and the East, meaning less downtime for your business as you contend with time differences. The vast number of headquarters and affiliated offices for major global corporations is another reason to favor London. Say, you need to discuss potential partnerships with other big brands, they’re likely right on your doorstep if you’re based in the British capital. Accessibility is key to expanding business, whether that’s accessibility to talent, products or services – all of that is in an abundance in London.