Falcon Social now falcon.io launches marketing integrated ‘single customer view platform

Carlsberg, Tiger and Change Lingerie

expect to radically change their marketing strategies based on the world’s first fully integrated ‘single customer view’ from Falcon Social, the leading customer experience platform. The new release has allowed the brands to achieve, for the first time, an automated and evergreen detailed visibility on their digital audience. As the new technology marks

Falcon Social

’s evolution beyond social media management, the company will be unveiling a new brand identity and company name, with a wider focus on customer experience management across all digital channels.

Why do your customers behave the way they do? And where should you target them?

These are the biggest questions for brands right now, says Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO and Founder of Falcon Social, and continues: Imagine having visibility over an individual’s entire digital storyline - from conversations outside your brand’s reach, right up to direct messages to your brand’s social profile. Now imagine having all that data displayed in one place, ready for you to access in seconds from one Single Customer View. This is what our product can do, and it’s changing the way our clients think about marketing, he says. This data can then be used to implement optimized community management, the building of digital campaigns and content marketing tactics within the same platform.

Twitter: Social data is the key to success

“Collecting insights from social networks such as Twitter is key to delivering an outstanding customer experience, and better understanding how to interact with your digital audience. Falcon Social enables marketers to access these insights and share them across the organization efficiently,” said Lauren Jenkins, Head of Twitter Official Partner Program.

Falcon clients: Huge impact on our marketing

Carlsberg, Tiger, and Change Lingerie are the first of Falcon’s 700+ client base to implement the new feature and all expect it to have major consequences in many aspects of their marketing strategies:


: Huge implications in how to engage with digital audienceWe’re incredibly excited about Falcon’s technology because it has huge implications for the way we engage with our digital audience, across multiple channels. At Carlsberg, our biggest challenge in marketing is collecting actionable insights from consumer data. With the new features in Falcon's platform, we’ll be able to learn things about our audience that can inform our creative development and media buying, says Daria Rasmussen, Global Integrated Communication Director, Carlsberg. The technology also presents data at an aggregate level, allowing global organizations to identify key audience demographics based on real-time social data, as opposed to more traditional methods that may be inaccurate and cannot offer insights in real-time.


: Potential to revolutionize our marketing strategy and execution Falcon’s platform has the potential to revolutionize the way we build and execute our marketing strategy here at Tiger. As a global offline retail brand, our biggest challenge is understanding who our target customers are, and what their purchase journey is - across all markets. We’re keen to build digital relationships with our customers to gain this visibility, and Falcon Social will allow us to do this easily, We already have 100k profiles mapped out in the tool, says Klaus Vemmer, Head of Global Marketing, Tiger.

CHANGE Lingerie:

Global consequences for our marketing Falcon's new technology will bring our marketing and CRM strategy into the future. The purchase journey of our target audience is not linear, so we need to become more omnipresent on social not only to reach our target audience, but to establish a more meaningful connection with them. With the Falcon platform, we can implement this new thinking across our 11 markets and 140 stores worldwide easily, says Ask Møller, Omnichannel Manager, CHANGE Lingerie.

Prime Ventures:

Enormous potential for scalability The new platform sees Falcon transcending the social media management category, into customer experience management, marking huge potential for growth. The future of business is experiential, and the Falcon Platform is exciting in that it enables companies to grow within this model. This new technology marks Falcon’s move into a unique market position, allowing businesses to combine  social intelligence  and customer experience management in a way that no other comparable vendor can - and this has enormous potential for scalability, said investor Roel De Hoop, Partner, Prime Ventures.

About Falcon Social

Falcon Social offers an integrated SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing and managing customer data. The company enables their clients to explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touch points from one platform. Falcon Social’s diverse and global client portfolio includes Carlsberg, Tiger, Nintendo of Europe, IWC Watches, Mentos, Redken, Coca-Cola and many more. Visit Falcon Social at http://www.falconsocial.com or http://twitter.com/falconsocial.

  • Revenue doubled in 2015: 104 percent growth.
  • 265 employees increased from 163 in 2014, 63% growth.
  • Offices in Copenhagen, New York, Berlin and Budapest.
  • 8800 total platform users.
  • Received in 2015 a venture investment of 14.5 m EUR (108 million DKK) from Prime Ventures, Northcap and Target Partners. http://www.primeventures.com/ - http://www.northcap.vc/ - http://www.targetpartners.de/en/
  • The latest Forrester Wave SRP report placed the Falcon Social as a 'strong performer' and the company won the Nordic Startup Awards in 2015.
  • Falcon Social has official partnerships with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, DataSift and Lexalytics.
  • Falcon Social has its headquarters in the former Danish Design Centre HC Andersens Boulevard 27 in Copenhagen.