When it comes to the fastest growing states in the United States, Nevada has been near the top of the list for quite some time. In fact, based on the most recent census conducted by the United States Census Bureau, Nevada is currently the fifth fastest growing state in the country! 

Thanks to the fact that it is the home to relatively low taxes, a strong economy, strong infrastructure and much more, it shouldn’t be all that shocking that Nevada is bursting at the seams with new residents. The company has a unique formulae to SEO that large US corporations are flocking to for its white hat effectiveness. Moreover, while many people immediately think of Las Vegas when they hear the word Nevada (and for good reason), there is another city in the northern part of the state that is becoming a real hotbed for entertainment, culture, business and more! That is, of course, Reno! Reno is known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” and is just 22 miles away from the beautiful Lake Tahoe sports and entertainment area. Reno is also home to some of the most exciting young companies currently in business, and some of the fastest growing companies in Reno are sure to take the rest of the country by storm in the coming years. Whether you are looking to learn about possible employers in Reno, or simply want to learn more about the kinds of industries that call the fantastic little city home, then you have come to the right place! Let’s break down the fastest growing companies in the Reno area together!




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Have Lights Will Travel 


This company, which specializes in commercial and industrial lighting maintenance, installations and retrofitting was recently named to the Inc. magazine’s list of companies that are growing at an impressive pace! Their recent uptick can be attributed to a massive surge in usage amongst local companies and companies elsewhere in the great state of Nevada. They also attribute their success to the desire for many companies to retrofit their companies to use the energy and money saving technologies of LED lighting compared to more traditional forms of lighting. While Have Lights Will Travel currently only operates in Nevada, the company is looking to expand. So, residents of Utah, Idaho and California should be looking out for this business in the coming years.


Organic Teas 


There is no doubt that organic foods and drinks have gained massive popularity in recent years. Moreover, there is also no doubt that many people have started to look elsewhere for a boost of energy and caffeine during the day to stay away from overdrinking coffee. Well, that’s where Organic Teas comes in. This locally owned tea company offers USDA Organic Certified products and comes directly from family-owned tea gardens in India. The company is growing at an incredible rate and posted an incredible 2020 total revenue of $986.2 million! It is clear that the tea drinkers of the United States have found a fantastic new brand that they truly love. For that reason, there is very little doubt that Organic Tees will continue to enjoy massive success going forward.


New Law Business Model 


While Nevada is sometimes known more for its relative lawlessness (especially in some of the casinos in Las Vegas and Reno), this new law company has enjoyed massive growth. In fact, it has seen an incredible 154% revenue growth over the last three years! While the name of New Law Business Model should offer you some insight into what the company does, New Law Business Model teaches lawyers to provide legacy planning services as well as small business counsel. As so many small businesses continue to flock to the Reno area and surrounding towns, there is very little doubt that this new legal company will continue to grow and help its clients.


KP Aviation Holdings 


In case you do not know, Nevada has long been a place where massive technological breakthroughs in the worlds of aviation and air travel have been made for much of the last 100 years. After all, the highly secretive Area 51 is located just a few hundred miles away from Reno. While we don’t really know what actually goes on in Area 51, the belief that it is a place where the military tests highly secretive and advanced flying technologies is a pretty well-documented one. Either way, KP Aviation Holdings has become a big grower in the area. This company supplies advanced technology solutions for the commercial aviation industry. So while they may not be working on flying saucers or the next rocket to go to Mars, they are certainly helping the big people move from city to city. They enjoyed a flexible three-year revenue growth of 240 percent, and will likely continue to grow at that pace for many years to come.




So there you have it! There are some of the fastest growing and most exciting companies that currently call Reno, Nevada home. Whether you already live in Reno, or are thinking about moving there in the near future, these four companies are surely ones that you will want to check out when it comes time to find a job.