As consumers become increasingly distanced from 20


century capitalism, a new generation of businesses have emerged to redefine the way business is done to make a positive difference in the world. These businesses are part of the ethical capitalism movement, believing in running a business which is better for people, the planet and for profit. Paul Hargreaves is the author of

Forces for Good

, a new book offers aspiring purpose-driven businesses practical advice and insights from some of the UK’s leading ethical companies including




and his own business

Cotswold Fayre


Why this book matters:

  • Consumer demand is changing, with Accenture reporting that 63% of consumers preferring to purchase from purpose-driven brands.
  • The Grocer reported in 2018 that the purpose-driven certified B Corporations grew 28 times faster than the UK GDP.
  • A book to offer tried and tested advice to help the many purpose-driven start-ups who over-promise on their ethical contribution due to lack of profits.
  • Forbes reports that happy employees are 20% more productive, so modern companies need to prioritise people alongside profits.

Forces for Good

is broken down into six sections which are each packed with practical advice based on real industry experiences:

  • Changing the World: Understanding the nature of purpose-driven businesses.
  • Learning to Run a Business: Being a good employer and finding the right people.
  • Better for People: Work-life balance across your workforce and collaborating with customers, suppliers and even competitors.
  • Better for Planet: How to become community-orientated and how to offset your businesses impact on the environment.
  • Better for Profit: What does ethical capitalism mean and how to attract and retain the X & Y generation.
  • Better for You: How an ethical business can help you find your own purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

In Forces For Good

Paul candidly shares his own entrepreneurial journey of building a purpose-driven company. He reveals lessons and insights, from the realisation of how he could have more impact on the world through business than charitable work, to hiring his first five staff members, including an ex-convict, an alcoholic and an ex-drug addict, to how he managed to save the company from the brink of collapse. The book is packed with insightful real-life accounts along with practical advice for anyone wanting to create a purpose-driven business.

The Author

Paul Hargreaves is the Chief Exec of Cotswold Fayre Ltd, a fine food wholesaler supplying over 1,500 retail outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. The company is one of the 60 founding UK B Corporations, a group of companies which meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance in the UK. Paul has long believed in using his business to create a better world at home and abroad for both his people, other people and the planet. For many years he has invested his own time and resources into a children’s centre, schools and an orphanage in on of the poorest parts of the world, Western Kenya.

Forces for Good by Paul Hargreaves

  • Forces for Good
  • By Paul Hargreaves
  • Out 25th March 2019
  • Published by SRA Books
  • Paperback Version: £14.99
  • ISBN: 978-1912300211