A chamber of commerce is a sort of network that links businesses together. This is one of the most important actions, which help every small business or startup, grow faster. In India, the ICC, or the Indian Chamber of Commerce plays this role. The ICC is providing trading and business-related services to different Indian businesses for over eighty years now. You might be wondering, how does it possible? Well, there are many practical ways. In this article, we want to see how you can grow your small business, by joining the Indian chamber of commerce. 

How can the Indian chamber of commerce help grow your business?

Joining a chamber of commerce helps your business depending on how professional it is. Joining a bigger, better, and the more reliable chamber is more effective. In India, the ICC or the Indian chamber of commerce is a pioneer chamber you can join. This will help you grow and expand your small business. Here is how:

1. Networking

For any brand and business, networking is among the most important things. Through networking, you can expand your circle while introducing your business to other people in the industry. There is a wide range of networking opportunities, let us take a look at a few:

2. Collaborations 

Collaborations include launches, events, and meetings for team members and co-workers to put their minds on a project, collaborate and build business strategies. Some chambers collaborate and host events from time to time, helping with this networking process. 

3. Partnerships 

Different chambers offer different partnership opportunities. Through these partnerships, members and organizations can work together to expand their circle and their business, while learning new skills and building new strategies. 

4. Advocacy and support

By providing assistance and help to other businesses in your industry, you can expand your business, since the main mission of a chamber of commerce is to influence change. This is yet another networking option for your profession.

5. Receiving discounts and special offers

Becoming a member of the Indian chamber of commerce has many perks. These perks also include practical benefits such as receiving offers and membership discounts, as well as accessing assistance in different areas. Here is a list:

  • Shipping discounts 
  • Insurance discounts 
  • Payroll services
  • Marketing and trading services
  • Supply discounts
  • Gaining more credibility 

By joining a professional chamber of commerce such as the ICC, you increase your business credibility. Many customers rely on your chamber membership to choose your business. In general, people will find your business more trustworthy, helping it grow. 

6. Exposure and additional marketing

Joining a chamber helps your business with exposure, and consequentially, streamlined marketing. These are some of the ways, in which this will help you with exposure:

  •  Sponsorships 

Different organizations offer sponsorships and funds from time to time. These sponsorships may be accessible to members of the chamber itself. This is a great opportunity for members to increase their exposure. 

  • Involvements in the community 

Joining a chamber, in this case, the ICC involves you in the community. By collaborating with other organizations, you increase this involvement, leading to the exposure of you and your business in the industry. The more you participate in community events and put yourself out there, the better results you will get.

  • Advertising opportunities

By offering marketing outlets and advertisement opportunities these chamber offer, you expand your exposure and your business.

  • Gaining resources 

By joining the ICC, you gain many resources as a business or an entrepreneur. These are some of the resources others might not be able to access: 

1. Facilities 

The use of facilities differs from chamber to chamber; however, all members will be able to access these facilities in their very own ways. This may include holding events and such.   

2. Financial resources

Chamber members are most likely able to access business loans and financial resources. This happens through the relationships of a chamber with certain banks and financial organizations. 

3. Directories 

By accessing directories, members can find and locate other similar businesses, target audiences, and potential partners.

  • Joining educational workshops 

Most chambers of commerce offer business workshops to their members. These workshops might include marketing and trading courses, banking and loan-related tips, and so on. These workshops will come in handy, especially for smaller businesses and newer entrepreneurs who could use a little more push. 

Other services special to the ICC

The Indian chamber of commerce specially provides particular services for their members, and through professional methods, they lead to the expansion and growth of your business as a member. The ICC reaches out to its members with practical initiatives, building a solid platform for trading, exchange, networking and even generating new businesses. These happen by bringing the stakeholders all together. The ICC offers surveys to members from time to time, building relevant profiles and policies for the chamber. This leads to engagement with bigger investors and collaborators in India and internationally. The ICC provides added value to its members by providing other services such as creating channels for networking with the Indian government, banks, and different national agencies. Other additional services include arbitration, advocacy, visa recommendations, investment matchmaking, venue booking, business advice ETC.

The bottom Line

As a new entrepreneur or a small business, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your exposure and expand your work.  Our recommendation is to join a chamber of commerce. In India, especially with the highly competitive market and industries, it is important to pick efficient methods to help grow your business. Joining the Indian Chamber of Commerce or the ICC has many benefits. Through the membership you make sure you are networking properly, gaining a reliable reputation, and building a solid audience while attracting new customers through marketing strategies and the expansion of your business and whatnot. Joining the ICC also provides educational opportunities for you to learn and increase your expertise; while being able to access resources and facilities that are difficult to access for others. Don’t hesitate! Get the most out of it by joining the Indian chamber of commerce. Good luck!