Are you thinking about starting your own business but are a bit reluctant to deal with a stagnant economy? Inflation is at all-time highs, and things aren't looking like they'll turn around soon. So, what's the answer for entrepreneurial adults who want to be their own boss and create a company from scratch? Fortunately, there are several excellent options. Some are more immediate, while others offer a chance to wait until the situation improves.



Get a Graduate Degree



Perhaps the best wait and see tactic during a lagging economy is to bolster your own knowledge base by earning a master's degree. In addition to the traditional MBA, it's possible to tackle IT-related studies and other subjects that lend themselves to entrepreneurship. Paying for the degree is usually the main challenge for those who intend to earn a master's diploma. The good news is that you can apply for Earnest graduate student loans  and find out how much you can borrow just by submitting a simple online application. Taking out an education loan is the most efficient way of financing an advanced degree and can help anyone enhance their professional marketability via targeted education.



Look for Recession-Proof Opportunities



If going back to school is not your cup of tea, do what so many other potential owners do and hunt for the most potentially profitable niche businesses. Often called recession-proof, organizations in this area include anything related to healthcare, investment advice, and precious metals. The reasoning is that even in a troubled economy, consumers are looking for ways to maximize their return on investment, take care of their physical wellbeing, and put some of their capital into metals like gold and silver to protect their wealth from short-term downturns in the financial markets.



Go Slow and Start a Micro Business



Sometimes, the best way to deal with a negative situation is to move forward slowly. That's why many working adults have started micro firms or extremely small enterprises. A majority of micros are home-based, internet-oriented companies that sell goods or services directly to the public. Among the most popular right now are micro companies that specialize in tutoring, consulting services, e-commerce, stock market research, and resume writing.



Stick with Precious Metals



In an era when it's difficult to open the doors of a brand-new organization and earn a profit, some potential owners decide to go into a holding pattern and seek the monetary shelter of gold. The beloved yellow metal has been a popular parking place for excess capital for centuries. Today, it's still viewed as a safe way to wait out a volatile economic climate.



Invest in Startups That Already Exist



One of the oldest strategies among entrepreneurial-minded investors is to avoid the hassles and pitfalls of creating a fresh organization from the ground up. A wise way to do that is to research the current crop of small companies that are searching for seed capital. In a sense, you leverage the power of entities that are already up and running, crunch the numbers, and pick one or two that appear profitable. The same way individuals invest in stocks or other securities, you simply put your capital into the startups that offer the best long-term returns, based on your own research.