The health of your business is important for survival. You keep an eye on your profits, your financial health, monitor your workflow, but how about the people who are doing the job? Could they benefit from additional support to stay connected with the workplace and feel cared for all year long? Below you will find a few tips on how to make your business better for your staff and support healthy initiatives.


Health and Safety Regulations


The first thing you need to check out is the health and safety regulations of your industry and your location. You might not be an expert at this, but there will certainly be companies that can help you get it right and avoid hefty fines. Whether you need fire doors installed, keep a report on absence and return-to-work meetings, or ensure that your workplace is free from pests with the help of someone like, you will need to adjust your health and safety policies accordingly. This will help you look after your staff better and protect your reputation at the same time.


Reward Schemes


When it comes to a healthy workforce, carrots work much better than sticks. You can create health related reward schemes that will allow you to encourage your workers to live a better life. From offering discounts for gym memberships to encouraging them to move more, exercise in the office, or change their diet, you will both benefit from the initiative.


Air Quality


One of the hidden dangers of workplaces is the air quality. It is not enough to have regular cleaning and check your ventilation; monitoring the air in the workplace has several benefits. Make sure that you talk to a health and safety executive or advisor, and find solutions, especially if you are running a manufacturing business or one that uses loads of chemicals and toxic materials. Get your air filters and air conditioners, as well as your ducts regularly checked for debris and pests.


Accident Prevention and First Aid Training


Accident Prevention and First Aid Training

Accident Prevention and First Aid Training

It is crucial that you train your staff to be able to prevent accidents and spot risks at the workplace. You can get some of your employees signed up for a first aid course, where they can learn how to effectively assess the situation, treat shock and minor injuries. As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your staff is supported and safe all the time.


Water Quality and Pollution Reduction


Apart from reducing waste and toxic materials in the air, you will also have to pay attention to the other sources of pollution, such as water. You can get an assessment and find out whether or not your company could benefit from the installation of a 24 well plate to reduce the waste and pollution in your organization and go healthier and greener in the future. If you would like to have happy employees, the first step you need to take is looking after their health. Make sure you implement the right policies and procedures, and you will be ready to embrace lower absenteeism and higher commitment.


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