When Millennials came along, the changed the game in every way possible. They made it okay to think differently, to leap from job to job like frogs on lilypads, and to hate being tied to one location. What’s more, it’s not just from an employee’s point of view that this works - it’s from an entrepreneurs vantage point too. Yeah, the world of mobile businesses has taken off with more gusto than a SpaceX rocket launch. For those who don’t know what we mean by mobile business, it is literally what it says on the tin. It’s a business that lets you hit the road and travel to the different locations where you think your products or services will sell. Sure, there are certain things you need in order to make business boom, such as check your van into somewhere that offers fleet and transit graphics print services, as well as work out what sort of personality your service will bring to the table. But once you have your branding down, your name sorted and your wheels ready, wow, there is a myriad of business opportunities you can take with you anywhere. So, without further ado, here are some of the

best mobile businesses

you should think about exploring:

1. Pretty Pets

We’re not sure if you noticed, but there are more and more adverts for dog luxuries than ever before. Posh treats, high-end baskets, actual beds - the lot. Basically, people are starting to splash out big time on their pooches, which is what makes a

mobile pet grooming service

such an attractive idea right now. You bring the salon to them, to pets who are shy and owners who are short on time.

2. Private Tutor

Once upon a time, your kids went to school and, if they needed extra tutoring, then they flicked through the Yellow Pages and looked for someone in the area that was open after school, weekends and during the holidays. These days, however, the rise of mobile private tutors have made lives easier for pushed-for-time parents. Our advice: this makes an amazing part-time business.

3. Personal Trainer

You only have to read a handful of fitness blogs to notice a trend start to occur: they each address the issue of time, and rightly so. The major issue for gym-lovers is time or, more specifically, a lack of it. As such, people are willing to pay a premium for those trainers that can come to them. Armed with just basic fitness gear and a plethora of workout plans, the startup costs are super-low and the profits pretty high. The need is there, you just need to make sure you offer something that little bit extra.

4. Mobile Salon

We talked about taking a pet grooming service on the road, but what about taking a human salon on the road too. With more people than ever are pampering themselves, the market is there, which means all you need is your experience and the right equipment and, voila, you can provide hair and nail services to people anywhere, anytime. That’s where we recommend you start. However, should you want to expand, consider adding mobile spa treatments to your repertoire - facials, massages and everything else like that.