Christmas is long gone but its impact remains. What’s the one thing businesses should take away from the festive season? It’s the new sales days that have customers fiending to spend money. Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the January sales, consumers are looking to grease the purse strings. For businesses, these days are excellent times to exploit sales and bring in new revenue. It also helps market to a bigger base and boosts loyalty. Still, all of that isn’t possible unless you understand how to take advantage. With that in mind, here are the basics to consider.


Be Prepared


If it’s good enough for the Boy Scouts, it’s plenty good enough for your company. Preparation is the key for one reason: it gives the customers and the business time. Black Friday is the same date every year, so there are no excuses. Even worse for lazy entrepreneurs is the fact that you have the resources to make a killing. Email addresses are essential according to Custora which says 25% of BF sales come from email marketing. Developing an original, eye-catching and engaging blast is a simple and cost-effective way to increase sales. But, you have to do it weeks to months in advance.


Get Social


Social media platforms have billions of unique users between them. Facebook itself has 2 billion alone, which is as frightening as it is exciting. The numbers prove that a social strategy is imperative, especially as more than half of transactions take place online. To engage your audience, you have to make sure adverts are catching their eye. Yes, funny memes are effective but don’t forget about paid features. Paying Google ensures customers will see your offers over the competitions’. On big sales days, businesses have to find ways to stand out from the crowd.


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Create A Buzz


Let’s stay on the topic of making a buzz in a saturated market. Every company on the planet wants to exploit Cyber Monday etc. yet struggles because they blend in with the crowd. Thankfully, your fate doesn’t have to be the same as long as you get out in front of your rivals. Prototype marketing involves using PCB software to develop a stylish and functional tester. Why is it important? It’s effective because customers get used to the product before it goes live. On the sales days, their psyche will point your items out above the rest. Once awareness of the brand is high, there’s no telling what will happen.


Proactive Over Reactive


The big day arrives and it’s chaos online and in-store. Great – that’s the dream. What your vision doesn’t include is a run on the stock that depletes all of your supplies. By mid-morning, the company might not have any stock left online or in the store. It is a scary prospect because you need to make the most of these days while possible. The trick is to over-order and bulk buy, but make sure you analyse supply levels first. Will you be ready the next time a big sales day comes around?