If you are looking into the idea of renovating your office before the new year for a fresh start to 2019, there are a lot of things you can think of doing. It may be that your office needs a lick of paint for extra flair, or perhaps you need to refit the entire place to make it your own. Whichever way you decide to go, here are some ideas to make your office feel brand new next year.


Add a garden


The first thing you can think about doing for the office which may be a little bit unconventional is to add an outdoor area to the office where people can go on their lunch breaks. A garden can allow people to get some fresh air and it can make a big impact on their mood and their health day to day. Make sure to find a Mini Digger for Sale or hire which you can use to flatten out an area for the garden, and you can then lay some grass and shrubs to create a calm space for your workers to enjoy.


Easy security additions


When it comes to making the building more secure this year, there are some really simple ways to deter robbers without spending the earth. First of all you can install some solar powered motion sensing lights to the building along with CCTV cameras. If anyone gets close enough to the office at night, they will trigger the light, notice the camera and likely run away. If you have floor to ceiling windows around the perimeter of the building you can plant bramble or holly here to deter people from getting into the office.


Find a bargain


Renovating any space will be an expensive task, and we always want to find ways to reduce the cost to make it easier to manage. For example one thing you can do is use sites like ebay to find second hand furniture for your space. It will save a ton of money and you will be able to add more features to the space as a result. You can also attend local auctions and get your hands on some characterful pieces to add some life to the office.


Add branding


Branding will always be a massive part of a business, and if you often have clients visiting you for meetings, you may want to consider adding more branding to the office. You can hang a sing outside the building, have your theme colours in the reception area in the form of art and cushions; and in the office you can hang a logo light. All of these things reaffirm your brand and let people know you are proud of who you are and what you do.


Make it comfortable


Comfort is something you need to think about in the office because your team will spend most of their week working here. Make the space as comfortable as you can with large windows, lots of ventilation and supportive chairs. You can also add a photo wall to the space with images of your employees. This will be great for employee morale and it adds personality to the space too.


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