The metaverse and NFT ways to revolutionise the businesses around us : Week after week, day after day, the expansion of Metaverse is picking up pace. Every day there’s a new brand in the space, ranging from fashion houses, travel & tourism, real-estate to superstores, and of course, gaming. Metaverse is on the precipice of becoming a second reality.

Considering its popularity and surging interest, let’s discover what happened across various brands and verticals last week within the Metaverse:


Louis Vuitton Launched a New Game Called “Louis the Game”, Here’s the Tea…



To celebrate its founder’s 200th birth anniversary, the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton, launched a mobile game “Louis the Game”. This is no ordinary game - immersing the player in the world of quests. This involves collecting 200 candles while embarking on the brand’s journey of over two centuries and trying to find one of the 30 precious NFTs hidden in the game. There’s more, Vivienne, the wooden doll mascot bears the flower monogram of the LV brand. It also helps in collecting NFTs, one of which (an art college) is worth a whopping $69.3 million! However, the NFTs are used only as a part of Louis the Game’s collection and are not open for public selling.


Digital Sneakers have Now Become a Reality Thanks to Nike x RTKFT




Nike x RTFKT


This one is for all the sneaker enthusiasts in the house - Nike is launching its new piece of digital sneakers, after acquiring the digital sneaker brand RTKFT. Co-founded by Benoit Pagotto, Chris Le, and Steven Vasilev, RTKFT is not just any digital sneaker brand; it sold around 600 pairs of virtual shoes worth $3.1 million IN UNDER 7 MINUTES!!! Now, it’s part of the Nike Inc. family. And even though these cannot be worn in real life, the prime motive behind its launch was to blur the lines between sports, gaming, and sportswear.


Coca-Cola and Virtual Wearables? It Doesn’t Make Sense. Here’s the Tea…




Coca-Cola The Friendship Box NFT


To celebrate International Friendship Day, Coca-cola launched its first-ever NFT collectables in the Metaverse in collaboration with Tafi. These virtual wearables were auctioned on OpenSea is a loot box containing the apparel that can be worn inside the virtual world of Decentraland. Once opened, this Coca-Cola friendship box contains a futuristic Coca-Cola bubble jacket wearable. This wearable has been accessorised with a sound visualizer that has the power of capturing the experience of sharing a Coca-Cola. It also contains a friendship card inspired by the brand’s trading cards from the 1940s.


Balenciaga x Fortnite - Stepping Up its MetaGame




Balenciaga x Fortnite (Source:


Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, have collaborated with one of the biggest fashion houses on the planet - Balenciaga. The collaboration aims to present the first-ever high-fashion Fortnite skins into the game. The companies are not just working towards curating virtual luxury apparel, they’re also launching an in-game Balenciaga-themed hub for real-world clothing lines that anyone can buy. Simply put, it’s like a virtual world fashion show but in a gaming format wherein Balenciaga showcases their new fashion wear. The game includes four new skins, and each one has alternate styling options. Balenciaga is also planning to display other accessories like a pickaxe based on the Speed Sneaker, bling backpacks, and more. The hub also includes a virtual Balenciaga store wherein visitors can walk in and buy from the latest collection. And just above the virtual store at Times Square, New York, an animated billboard features the walking dog Doggo in a hoodie, which looks so real that it immediately attracted the attention of passersby.


LynKey - Offering Smart Luxury Resorts, Tourism & Real-Estate



The Metaverse And NFT Ways To Revolutionise The Businesses Around Us

LynKey, a blockchain-powered platform, is all set to tokenise $8 Billion in the premium real-estate, travel, and tourism industry. The aim is to deliver a luxury experience worldwide by unleashing the power of blockchain. From hotels, resorts, to flight tickets, restaurants, and even transportation, everything will be tokenised and/or available on a timeshare basis. To ensure a friction-less real-estate experience and enable peer-to-peer transactions, LynKey is leveraging smart contracts to automate and accelerate legal processes. The best part about these smart contracts is that they can be programmed to trigger customised actions and execute orders as required. There’s more... LynKey believes that the true future lies in real-world assets, which is why their tokens are tied to actual property. In fact, this is what makes this project significant. To go the extra mile, LynKey has also launched its utility token to deliver an unparalleled tourism experience for travellers and tourists. This utility token offers real-world value, so whether you want to book a resort holiday or want to upgrade your next business trip, you can do it all with LynKey.


Metaverse - The Old But Unexplored Gold


Even though the term Metaverse was first coined in 1992, the true potential of this revolutionary technology is yet to be discovered. Of course, the world is still years away from unleashing its true potential, but until then, Metaverse will require billions and trillions of dollars in investment. And there’s not even a shred of doubt that if the world of Metaverse continues to expand at this pace, you’re looking at a second reality world. So before that happens, hop on the Metaverse train and get familiarised with this new reality world. This is where LynKey comes into play. This blockchain-powered platform can help you unleash the powers of smart contracts, timeshare, NFTs, and Metaverse. By tokenising the real-estate and travel industry, LynKey aims to transform the way people travel and invest in properties. What are you waiting for? Enter the new world reality, enter the LynKey ecosystem.