Fostering strong relationships with your customers is a vital part of

growing your startup into a successful business

long-term. If you can leave your customers feeling as though they’ve been treated like royalty after an encounter with you, you can bet they’re going to keep coming back to you, and they’ll probably bring a few friends too! But, how can you make your customers feel good about you? Using these tricks to make your customers love you, even more, that’s how…

Make Your Interactions Genuine

Perhaps, the most important thing you can do to make your customers happy and ensure that they come away from their interactions even more impressed by your business is by being genuine with them. Talk to them as if they are real people instead of nameless individuals you’re hoping to make money from, learn their names, get to know a bit about them and don’t be afraid to reveal a few things about yourself. This will foster genuine feelings between customer and business, which should increase their loyalty to you.

Make Your Customers Comfortable

Another thing you should almost certainly do if you want customers to fall in love with your company is to offer them comfort. This could come in the form of a moneyback guarantee, an informal way of dealing with them or even something more practical like installing high-quality metal roofing or

comfy couches

, so that they can shop and do business with you comfortably in any weather. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you make an effort to accommodate your customers and make them feel comfy and at ease.

Don’t Go for the Hard Sell

It can be tempting to instruct your employees to push hard for every sale, but customers hate the hard sell. It makes them feel like pawns in your game; walking wallets and nothing more. This is unlikely to endear them to you. It’s much better to take the soft approach and sell your goods on their merits rather than employing tough tactics, because your customers will feel like the sale was totally their decision,and they’ll be impressed by the politeness of your staff, making it much more likely that they’ll look at your favorably and tell their friends to come see you too.

Listen to Them

Having a dialogue with your customers that is actually a dialogue, meaning you listen to what they say and respond, rather than giving them your sales spiel, even when they’re complaining will go a long way to fostering good relations and showing that yours is an open, honest and caring business. One thing that is sure to win you many fans is consistently delivering more than expected If they paid for two day shipping, get it in there in one; if they complain, don’t just give them their money back, give them some freebies too - whatever it is,go above and beyond to surprise them (in a good way) and your customers will be putty in your hands. Do you run a business? What tips and tricks do you use to impress your customers and make them love you even more?