A common term that is thrown around in business a lot is 3PL. This is an abbreviation that stands for third-party logistics, and it is a fundamental part of major business operations. While small businesses may not need to concern themselves with this terminology just yet, it is still handy to know in case you decide to expand your operations in the future. So, what exactly is 3PL?

What Is 3PL?

Third-party logistics refers to the process of outsourcing the practices that encompass the logistics part of your business. These logistic factors include inventory management, distribution, and warehousing. There will always be companies in your local area that can help you with these outsourcing solutions. For example, you can outsource your 3PL to SCHC if you need third-party logistics in Texas. So, now that you know what 3PL is, why would you need it?

Why Use 3PL?

The main reason why businesses use third-party logistics is that it allows them to get an expert’s opinion on something that can be quite tricky to deal with on your own. Warehousing and inventory management are fundamental practices in business; however, it can be quite difficult to predict how to operate these functions in relation to the changing market. This is especially true around the holiday period. By outsourcing these functions, you can reliably manage your stock and warehousing operations without worrying about the complicated aspects. Therefore, you can focus on the running of your business, safe in the knowledge that your stock and supply chain is in good hands.

Why Is 3PL Important?

Inventory management is a crucial part of business as it informs you about how much stock you currently have to make and ship your product. Inaccurate stock numbers can cause you to over-order a product, which can cost you money in the long term. Third-party logistics allows you to make accurate orders so that you have a more successful cash flow throughout the inventory section of your business. Small errors can cause you problems down the line, so mitigating them early with 3PL can ensure that human error is removed from the warehousing process.

How 3PL Can Help With Customer Relations

Another key aspect of 3PL is warehouse management. This system can track and locate any items that you may need at any given time. This function is especially helpful for dealing with customer complaints or errors in shipment. If a customer has an issue with your product, you can quickly check the warehousing system to learn whether it was a shipping problem, or whether something has gone missing. This means that you can resolve customer queries much faster, increasing the chances that they will use your business again. Maintaining good customer relations is one of the most important factors in business, so any help you can get in this area is welcome.


It can be quite difficult to get your head around all the logistical parts of a business. Luckily, you do not need to worry about it with 3PL. Outsourcing these practices to another company allow you to receive all of the benefits of these systems, without having to lift a finger.