Andrew Robertson

President and CEO at BBDO Worldwide

Andrew Robertson is a distinguished figure in the advertising industry and is President and Chief Executive Officer of BBDO Worldwide since June 2004. Throughout his illustrious career he established relationships with powerhouse clients and earned BBDO Worldwide accolades including Network of the Year at Cannes and the world's most awarded agency network per The Gunn Report-World Advertising Research Center. BBDO Worldwide has also been named Global Agency of the Year by industry publications. Additionally Andrew's involvement in philanthropic organizations and his past role as Chairman of The Advertising Council underscore his dedication to social responsibility and making a positive impact on the world.


Andrew Robertson is a seasoned executive who has held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer at BBDO Worldwide since June 2004. Over his prolific career he has cultivated relationships with powerhouse clients such as AT&T- ExxonMobil- FedEx- Ford- GE- Mars Inc- PepsiCo- SAP and Visa showcasing his aptitude in advertising and marketing.

Andrew was always interested in advertising and began his career at Ogilvy and Mather in London as a Media Planner. Shortly, he transitioned into Account Management and then ascended to the Board of Ogilvy and Mather in 1986. In 1989 he left the agency and joined J. Walter Thompson where he worked hard and was given the post of Chief Executive at WCRS in November 1990.

Andrew's journey at BBDO began in 1995 when he joined the UK branch: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. His tenure at the company saw him rise through the ranks to become Chief Executive. In 2001 he took on a new challenge by relocating to BBDO North America where he assumed the role of President and CEO.. further solidifying his image as a dynamic leader in the organization.

Per Campaign: 'True to his company's official obsession with 'The Work- The Work- The Work' BBDO Worldwide President and CEO Andrew Robertson keeps returning to the topic. He says: "The best way we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors and the best way we can add value for our clients is by the constant pursuit of exceptional work… Our belief is that the value of great work is great. The value is great. The rewards and the return you can generate are disproportionate and exceptional".'

Under Andrew's leadership BBDO Worldwide has achieved remarkable success, earning the title "Network of the Year" at Cannes Festival an impressive seven times. The agency has also consistently claimed the distinction of being the world's most awarded agency network for thirteen consecutive years as recognized by The Gunn Report - World Advertising Research Center. Since 2005 BBDO has been honored as "Global Agency of the Year" by prominent industry publications such as Ad Age- Adweek and Campaign. Additionally BBDO Worldwide has been acclaimed as "Most Effective Network" world-wide by the Global Effies in 2011- 2014- 2015- 2017.

"We have the expertise and the skills that you need within the Impact BBDO group here" Robertson tells Campaign. "We have a very strong PR offering with a very strong influencer marketing offering. We have an extraordinarily strong digital and demand capture operation. We have really good demand-generation skills. We were already that, we just got good at putting it together and using it well for our clients."

Per Campaign: 'According to Robertson customers have learned to want the 'effortless, seamlessly connected, ideally magical experiences through increasingly nonlinear purchasing and usage experiences.' "We have this idea of a funnel and I'm not sure that it even exists anymore- that that people can go from awareness to purchase into clicks or that they can spend ages reading reviews and checking ratings. You have to be able to create experiences for those consumers that are magical" he said.' is it a wonder then that Andrew Robertson has been inducted into Advertising Association Federation Hall of Fame?

Personally speaking… Robertson's educational background includes a degree in Economics from City of London University, providing him with a strong foundation for understanding the business aspects of the advertising industry. Outside of his professional commitments, he actively contributes to philanthropic causes, serving on the Boards of Autism Speaks and Hope Funds for Cancer Research. His past leadership as Chairman of The Advertising Council further underscores his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the world of advertising.


Andrew Robertson's vision for BBDO Worldwide is evident in his long-standing tenure as the President and CEO and his impressive track record before earning this position in the agency. His leadership signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation within the advertising landscape. Under his guidance BBDO has achieved recognition as a creative powerhouse, marked by multiple "Network of the Year" awards at Cannes and named the world's most awarded agency network by The Gunn Report-World Advertising Research Center. 

These remarkable achievements reflect Robertson's vision for BBDO Worldwide as an industry leader on the advertising landscape.. pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation to deliver outstanding results for clients. Additionally BBDO's recognition as "Most Effective Network" by Global Effies underscores his dedication to achieving not just creative excellence but also a tangible measurable impact in the industry.

Furthermore Robertson's involvement with philanthropic organizations such as Autism Speaks and Hope Funds for Cancer Research- along with his past leadership as Chairman of The Advertising Council- signifies a vision for BBDO as a socially responsible agency.. using its influence and resources to contribute positively to society beyond the realm of advertising. This commitment to social impact aligns with a broader vision for the advertising industry to be a force for positive change.

Recognition and Awards
Under the leadership of President and CEO Andrew Robertson, BBDO has solidified its standing as the pre-eminent advertising agency network worldwide. Andrew Robertson's visionary leadership and his commitment to innovation and creativity has propelled the agency to the forefront of the industry, where it consistently receives recognition for its strategic and impactful advertising solutions for its clients, which has set BBDO apart as an industry leader, making it the go-to agency for brands seeking to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the market.

Andrew Robertson
New York, United States
Andrew Robertson is President and CEO at BBDO Worldwide
Known for
A leader in the advertising industry in hs position of President and CEO of BBDO Worldwide, Robertson also serves on the Board of Autism Speaks and Hope Funds for Cancer Research.
As President and CEO, Andrew Robertson has earned BBDO the reputation of the world's most awarded and effective advertising agency network.
Degree in Economics from City of London University.
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