Chris Garvey

Chris Garvey is the Senior Pre Sales Solution Architect for Data & Analytics Solutions, EMEA at TD Synnex.

Chris Garvey is an accomplished Sales and Business Development Manager with a specialized focus on Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). With a career spanning several years, Chris has demonstrated expertise in managing sales channels across diverse verticals and excelling in global reseller account management. His responsibilities have extended to encompassing the development and execution of robust business strategies, including sales, marketing, and partnership management within the dynamic landscape of IoT technologies.

Beyond his role in driving business success, Chris is a notable figure in the technology community. As the co-host of the IoTea and Biscuits Podcast, he engages with global IoT leaders and industry experts, contributing to insightful discussions about IoT and related sectors. Chris is also committed to nurturing the next generation of tech professionals, serving as a guest lecturer at both the University of Derby and Sheffield Hallam University. His passion for mentorship extends to his involvement with the Hallam Collective at Sheffield Hallam University, embodying a dedication to knowledge-sharing and fostering talent in the rapidly evolving fields of Data, AI, and IoT.


Beginning his career as a Business Analyst at Intel Corporation in 2004, Chris steadily progressed through various roles, showcasing a remarkable journey in the technology sector.

After serving in roles like BI Consultant at EBI Solutions Limited and Business Intelligence Consultant at Inca Software, Chris joined Henderson Global Investors as a Cognos Business Intelligence Contractor in 2008, providing consultancy and training. He continued to excel, working as a Business Intelligence Consultant at Steria and later joining Artesian Solutions as a Consultant in 2008.

In 2010, Chris expanded his expertise by taking on the role of Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse Consultant at Advanced, where he served for over two years. His journey with Advanced continued, with roles such as Lead Business Analytics Consultant and finally as a Pre Sales Solution Architect in Business Analytics until August 2018.

Following this, Chris joined Tech Data, where he contributed significantly as a Pre Sales Solution Architect in Data & Analytics Solutions for over three years. During this time, he also assumed the role of Senior Pre Sales Solution Architect, further showcasing his technical prowess. In October 2022, Chris transitioned to TD SYNNEX, continuing his impactful career as a Senior Pre Sales Solution Architect for Data & Analytics Solutions in EMEA.

Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Chris is deeply engaged in knowledge sharing and education. He has been a Guest Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University since 2014, focusing on employability, careers in the technology sector, and topics related to the Internet of Things and Smart Spaces industries. Additionally, he co-hosts the IoTea and Biscuits Podcast, inviting global IoT leaders and industry experts to discuss relevant topics.


Chris Garvey envisions a future where the seamless integration of Data, AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms the business landscape. With a focus on driving innovation and fostering strategic partnerships, he aims to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of these technologies. Chris aspires to contribute to creating intelligent and interconnected solutions that not only elevate business processes but also enhance the overall quality of life. His vision encompasses a world where the power of data-driven insights empowers businesses, fuels technological advancements, and facilitates sustainable growth, all while nurturing a collaborative ecosystem that thrives on knowledge-sharing and continuous evolution.

Recognition and Awards
As a co-host of the IoTea and Biscuits Podcast, Chris actively engages with global IoT leaders, showcasing his thought leadership in the field. Moreover, his commitment to education as a guest lecturer at the University of Derby and Sheffield Hallam University, coupled with his role in mentoring through the Hallam Collective, reflects his dedication to shaping the future of tech professionals.

Chris Garvey
Greater Bournemouth Area
Senior business executive, business intelligence expert
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Senior Pre Sales Solution Architect - Data & Analytics Solutions, EMEA (TD Synnex)
BSc (Hons, Business Information Systems Management, Bournemouth University)
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Mon Apr 15 2024

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