Damu Winston

Founder of Finteachable.com, Covid19Funding.us, Future Proof Thinker Thought Leader

Damu Rufaro Winston, Damu Winston, is an International Digital Advisor & Founder, serial entrepreneur, founder of Finteachable.com and a speaker at Arab EmTech & Startups Conference. Damu Winston is the author of the Kindle book I Don't Trust You: But Blockchain and Bitcoin Will Help. Having led globally distributed teams in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Mexico, and US domestically, Damu Winston is an expert at building innovative solutions that empower organizations, harness diversity, and leverage cutting-edge technology to exceed expectations.


Over the years, Damu Winston has learned a person’s name is so much more than just an identifier. Most parent(s) spend countless hours deciding, fighting, and praying over the name of their soon to be child. Damu Winston says that “So, even before the child is born, he or she has begun an internal journey to learn what it means to become that name. It’s no coincidence we ask ourselves, “Who am I?”, “Who am I supposed to be?”, “Why am I here?”, "What is my purpose"… I truly believe that when your name has meaning, you go through life learning what it means to embody that name; to own it, to make it just as memorable as you are.” Damu Winston is a digital strategy, products and services expert. Damu Winston is a serious entrepreneur and innovator that likes to make complex problems simple. Damu Winston expertise includes digital strategy, enterprise digital transformations, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Damu Winston knows his purpose, and he looks forward to helping others find theirs.


I am champion for empowering organizations through harnessing diverse thought and talent, re-engineering processes and leveraging emerging technologies (such as, Blockchain, AI cognitive capabilities, IoT wearables, etc…), to ultimately drive profitability, productivity, and maximize impact. 

As a customer-focused partner to reimagine experiences, for new and traditional businesses, I empower organizations through innovation and digital transformation. Having led globally-distributed high-performing teams in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, throughout Europe, India, Mexico, and US domestically, I've optimized operations, grown businesses and generated new revenue streams (i.e., new cloud services), while helping organizations differentiate themselves by becoming transformative (i.e., market makers).

Recognition and Awards
My 2019 book, “I Don’t Trust You, But Blockchain and Bitcoin will help”, is an Amazon best-selling book on emerging technologies (Blockchain, AI, etc...) focused on the Gulf region.

Damu Winston
Founder of Finteachable.com
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Founder of Finteachable.com
Hult International Business School
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Sun Feb 25 2024

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