io.finnet is a Fintech start-up with global reach and a mission to rebuild trust in finance.


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io.finnet is a Fintech start-up with global reach building secure, seamless, and regulatory-friendly infrastructures for the financial world. Its primary mission is to rebuild trust in finance by bringing the best of blockchain technology, cryptographic security and digital assets to finance and corporate. 

Its motto is to empower corporates, banks, digital assets operators and other financial service providers to grow their business and make their innovations accessible to anyone in a secure, fast, frictionless, and borderless fashion. 


In the midst of a turbulent global financial sector and growing controversy surrounding the cryptocurrency industry, io.finnet emerges as a solution to restore trust and transparency. The negative narrative and public scrutiny surrounding the crypto sphere have drawn parallels to the events leading up to the 2008 Financial Crisis, reminiscent of "Lehman Brothers moments." However, just as the financial market rebounded with smarter regulations and behaviors, io.finnet believes that this is an opportunity to reshape the industry.

With the advent of blockchain technology and the increasing demand for transparency and individual control over wealth, blockchain has demonstrated its potential to serve as the foundation for an alternative financial system. Recognising that major crashes have previously shaken the crypto industry, resulting in increased centralisation and higher risks, io.finnet sees this as an ideal moment for collaboration on regulatory matters and a chance for centralised actors to realign with the fundamental principles of blockchain: transparency and empowering customers with greater ownership.

By leveraging their expertise and technological capabilities, io.finnet aims to foster collaboration and rebuild trust in finance. They envision a future where the financial ecosystem operates with transparency, empowering individuals to have more control over their wealth. Through its solutions, io.finnet seeks to establish a renewed sense of confidence and reliability, ensuring that customers can engage in secure and transparent financial transactions. By embracing the principles of blockchain and promoting better collaboration on regulation, io.finnet strives to pave the way for a more trustworthy and inclusive financial landscape.


The mission of io.finnet is to empower financial service providers with cutting-edge blockchain-based solutions that enable secure, compliant, and efficient transactions in both fiat and digital assets. 

io.finnet's mission is to drive financial innovation and inclusion by revolutionising the way financial transactions are conducted. It aims to break down barriers and provide equal opportunities for individuals and businesses to participate in the global economy. By offering a 24/7/365 multi-currency settlement platform, io.finnet enables its partners to navigate the complexities of the digital asset landscape and facilitate seamless transactions on a global scale.


The vision of io.finnet is to revolutionise the financial industry by providing financial service providers with seamless access to multi-currency fiat and digital asset settlements in a secure, compliant, and technologically advanced environment. 

As the architects of modern finance, io.finnet is committed to building a future where traditional financial systems are seamlessly integrated with blockchain technology. By embracing the power of blockchain, io.finnet seeks to provide a trustworthy and reassuring platform that enhances transparency, security, and efficiency in financial transactions. With a global presence, including entities in the US, UK, Cayman Islands, and Singapore, io.finnet aims to drive financial innovation on a global scale, bringing together the best of traditional finance and emerging technologies to shape the future of the financial industry.

Key Team

Gregory Pepin (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

Michael Jebsen (Chief Financial Officer)

Jacob Plaster (Chief Technology Officer)

Luke Plaster (Chief Crypto Architect)

Catherine De Coninck (Chief Operations Officer)

Simon Fasdal (Chief Revenue Officer)

Clementine Drouot (Chief Marketing Officer)

Recognition and Awards
Here are some of the key benefits of MPC-TSS security: Decentralization: MPC-TSS eliminates the need for a central authority to manage cryptographic keys. This makes it more difficult for attackers to target and compromise user assets. Robustness: MPC-TSS is a highly secure cryptographic protocol that has been thoroughly tested and analyzed. It is resistant to a wide range of attacks, including physical theft, malware, and network intrusions. User empowerment: MPC-TSS gives users complete control over their own security. Users can physically possess their cryptographic keys and manage them as they see fit. This eliminates the need to rely on third parties for security, which can be a major vulnerability. Flexibility: MPC-TSS can be implemented across a wide range of use cases. It is ideal for securing digital identities, and ensuring safe transactions in DeFi platforms, and other applications where high security is required.

Products and Services

io.vault: io.vault is a self-custody product, which enables a company or group of individuals to securely hold and transact digital assets while simultaneously removing any required single point of trust or failure.

io.vault users are provided the ability to directly distribute cryptographic signing material (secret shares) across multiple individuals within their organization and to determine a threshold of those secret shares required before a transaction can be successfully approved.

This approach provides a customisable, secure and scalable way to manage an organization's or individual's digital assets. To accomplish this feature, io.vault relies upon robust cryptographic technologies called Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Threshold Signature Schemes (TSS). enables 24/7/365 multi-currency fiat and digital asset settlements for clients of the network in a safe, secure & compliant environment by leveraging our permissioned blockchain with self-custody technology.

Io.flow: io.flow is a global payment aggregator solution enabling enterprises to access a network of payment providers to process multi-currency transactions through local and cross border payment rails offering faster payments at the best price.

Leadership team

Michael Jebsen (Chief Financial Officer)

Jacob Plaster (Chief Technology Officer)

Luke Plaster (Chief Crypto Architect)

Catherine De Coninck (Chief Operations Officer)


Financial and Banking

Products/ Services (instant settlement), io.vault (self-custody), io.flow (payment aggregator)
Number of Employees
0 - 50
63 St. Mary Axe, London, England, EC3A 8AA
Company Type
Private company limited by shares or Ltd
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