Jack Hayes

Jack Hayes is the Director at Champions (UK) Plc Speakers Agency, and the founding member of the European Association of Speakers Bureaux (EASB).

Jack Hayes is a prominent figure in the world of speaker agencies, serving as the Director of Champions Olympic Speakers since 2012, making him one of the youngest Directors in the UK at the time of his appointment. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the founding of the European Association of Speakers Bureaux (EASB), collaborating with fellow industry leaders to establish ethical standards and regulations for the field. 

His career has been marked by successful collaborations with renowned brands, media publications, institutions, and governments, including projects with HSBC, LadBible, NHS, The Economic Times' Business Summit, ITV, and British Airways. Jack's portfolio includes booking distinguished speakers like Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Dame Stella Rimington, Sir Clive Woodward, and even Ken Segall, the man behind the "i" in iPhone.

Under Jack's leadership, Champions Speakers has experienced significant growth, with a strong emphasis on innovation while maintaining the core values of trust, transparency, and care. He has ushered the agency into the digital age and continues to attract top-tier speaking talent. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jack is known for his work ethic and the occasional foray into breakdancing.


Jack Hayes is a highly accomplished professional known for his extensive experience in the fields of business development, celebrity sales, and event management. Currently serving as the Director of Champions UK plc since September 2012, Jack has dedicated over 11 years to the growth and success of the organization. His primary responsibilities include fostering new business relationships and driving sales for Champions UK through strategic networking opportunities and promotional initiatives.

Jack's journey in the world of sales and celebrity engagement began earlier in his career when he assumed the role of Sales Manager at Champions (UK) Plc in September 2012, a position he has continued to excel in for over a decade. His expertise lies in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to connect prominent figures with brands and events.

Prior to his tenure at Champions, Jack made a significant impact as a Celebrity Sales Executive at the British Par 3 Championship from August 2007 to August 2012. This prestigious national golfing event garnered significant attention, featuring celebrity superstars such as Tony Jacklin CBE, Ian Woosnam, Brian Barnes, Sir Alex Ferguson, Len Goodman, and Peter Schmeichel, among others. Jack played a pivotal role in managing celebrity participation and enhancing the event's profile, which received TV coverage on Sky Sports.


Jack Hayes envisions a future where the power of connections and relationships propels businesses and individuals to new heights of success. His vision is rooted in the belief that meaningful interactions, strategic partnerships, and innovative collaborations are the cornerstones of growth and achievement. Jack aims to continue leveraging his expertise in networking and sales to forge impactful relationships, bridging the gap between prominent figures, brands, and events. In this future, he sees a world where these connections drive positive change, fuel creativity, and open doors to exciting opportunities.

At the heart of Jack's vision is the commitment to excellence in business development and celebrity engagement. He envisions a landscape where organizations and individuals alike recognize the transformative potential of strategic connections. Through his work, he strives to empower clients to achieve their goals and aspirations by connecting them with influential personalities, fostering authentic relationships, and driving remarkable outcomes. Jack's vision is a testament to his dedication to the art of networking and its profound impact on shaping the future of businesses and industries.

Recognition and Awards
As the Director of Champions UK plc, he has played a pivotal role in driving the company's growth and success for over 11 years. Jack's achievements in this role include establishing and nurturing valuable business relationships, generating new sales opportunities, and promoting Champions UK through strategic networking initiatives. His leadership and dedication have been instrumental in the organization's continued expansion and prominence in the industry. During his tenure as Sales Manager at Champions (UK) Plc, Jack excelled in identifying opportunities to connect prominent individuals and celebrities with brands and events. His ability to foster mutually beneficial partnerships contributed to the organization's success in the highly competitive field of celebrity sales. Jack's achievements in this role underscore his talent for recognizing the unique value that celebrity endorsements bring to businesses and events. Jack's notable accomplishments extend to his time as a Celebrity Sales Executive at the British Par 3 Championship. Here, he played a pivotal role in managing celebrity participation in a national golfing event that garnered significant attention and TV coverage on Sky Sports. His efforts in engaging celebrity superstars and enhancing the event's profile demonstrate his expertise in event management and celebrity engagement.

Jack Hayes
business executive, entrepreneur, celebrity and personalities manager
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Champions Olympic Speakers agency (Director), European Association of Speakers Bureaux (Founding member)
Loughborough Grammar School
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Mon Feb 26 2024

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