Jong-Hee Han

Jong Hee Han is a prominent figure in the technology industry, currently serving as the Vice Chairman of Samsung Group and CEO of Samsung Electronics.

Jong Hee Han is a prominent figure in the technology industry, currently serving as the Vice Chairman of Samsung Group and CEO of Samsung Electronics. With a strong educational background and a successful career, Han has made significant contributions to the company's growth and success.

Han's journey in the field of technology began with his pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Inha University in 1988. Equipped with a solid foundation in engineering, he embarked on a career path that would lead him to become one of the key leaders at Samsung Electronics.

In his current role as Vice Chairman and CEO, Han oversees the strategic direction and overall management of the company. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in driving the success of Samsung Electronics in a highly competitive industry.

Throughout his tenure at Samsung Electronics, Han has held various positions of increasing responsibility. He served as the Head of the Digital Appliances Business, where he played a crucial role in advancing the company's portfolio of innovative home appliances. Additionally, he assumed the role of Head of DX (Digital Transformation) in 2021, highlighting his commitment to driving digital advancements within the organization.

Han's expertise also extends to the Visual Display Business, where he served as the Head since 2017. During his tenure, he led the research and development team, focusing on advancements in visual display technologies. His contributions to this division have helped Samsung Electronics maintain its position as a leader in the display industry.

With his extensive experience and remarkable leadership skills, Han continues to shape the future of Samsung Electronics. His relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication to excellence make him a highly respected figure in the technology sector.


Jong-Hee Han is a distinguished executive and leader in the field of consumer electronics, known for his expertise in research and development and his significant contributions to Samsung Electronics. With a strong educational background and a series of key roles within the company, Han has played a pivotal role in shaping the success and technological advancements of Samsung.

Han's journey in the realm of technology began with his pursuit of education. In 1988, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Inha University, where he honed his technical skills and acquired a solid foundation in his field. This educational background would lay the groundwork for his future accomplishments.

Throughout his career at Samsung Electronics, Han has held several notable positions, each contributing to the company's growth and innovation. Presently, he serves as the Head of the Digital Appliances Business, overseeing the development and management of cutting-edge consumer appliances. His visionary leadership and expertise in this sector have propelled Samsung's digital appliances division to new heights.

Additionally, Han holds the esteemed positions of Vice Chairman and CEO at Samsung Electronics, where he leads the company's strategic direction and ensures its continued success in the global market. As a key decision-maker, he plays a crucial role in driving innovation, fostering growth, and strengthening Samsung's position as a leading player in the industry.

Han's exceptional leadership qualities have also been evident in his previous roles within Samsung Electronics. From 2017 to the present, he served as the Head of the Visual Display Business, spearheading the development of state-of-the-art display technologies. During this time, Samsung solidified its position as a market leader in visual display solutions, thanks in part to Han's expertise and vision.

Prior to his role as the head of the Visual Display Business, Han led the R&D Team and the Product R&D Team within the same division from 2013 to 2017. His contributions during this period were instrumental in driving technological advancements and ensuring Samsung's products remained at the forefront of innovation.

In recognition of his significant contributions and expertise, Han assumed the position of Head of DX (Digital Transformation) in 2021. In this role, he spearheads Samsung's efforts in embracing digital technologies and implementing transformative initiatives across various business areas, further cementing the company's position as a global technology leader.

Throughout his career, Han has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry and an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional consumer experiences. His leadership and technical expertise have not only propelled Samsung Electronics to new heights but have also contributed to shaping the broader landscape of consumer electronics.

Jong-Hee Han's remarkable career trajectory, marked by influential roles and significant achievements, has earned him widespread recognition and respect within the industry. His passion for innovation, combined with his strategic vision, continues to drive Samsung Electronics forward, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of technological advancements and continues to shape the future of consumer electronics worldwide.


Jong Jee Han, as a prominent leader within Samsung Electronics, aligns his vision with the overarching goals and principles of the company. With a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for innovation, Han embraces Samsung's vision of creating groundbreaking technologies and enhancing people's lives through transformative experiences.

At the core of Han's vision is the commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. He envisions a future where Samsung Electronics continues to be a global leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the way people interact with technology. Han recognizes the importance of anticipating and understanding the evolving needs and desires of consumers, and he strives to develop products and services that exceed expectations and enrich everyday life.

In line with Samsung's vision of "Inspire the World, Create the Future," Han emphasizes the power of innovation and collaboration. He believes in fostering a culture of creativity and teamwork, where diverse talents come together to drive meaningful change. By encouraging open communication, cross-functional cooperation, and an entrepreneurial mindset, Han aims to unleash the full potential of Samsung's workforce, enabling them to develop groundbreaking technologies and drive positive impact globally.

Han's vision also encompasses a strong focus on sustainability and responsible business practices. In line with Samsung's commitment to corporate social responsibility, he seeks to develop environmentally friendly solutions that minimize the company's ecological footprint. Han recognizes the importance of preserving our planet for future generations and strives to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of Samsung's operations.

Furthermore, Han envisions Samsung Electronics as a catalyst for digital transformation and societal progress. He believes in leveraging emerging technologies to address pressing global challenges and create a more connected and inclusive world. Han envisions Samsung's role in advancing fields such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and 5G, driving innovations that enhance productivity, improve healthcare, transform education, and empower communities.

By aligning his vision with Samsung's overarching goals, Jong Jee Han seeks to lead the company towards continued success and global impact. His strategic approach, technological expertise, and commitment to innovation position him as a driving force behind Samsung's mission to inspire, create, and shape the future of technology. Through his leadership, Han aims to empower individuals, enrich society, and reinforce Samsung's position as a pioneer in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer electronics.

Jong-Hee Han
South Korea
Vice Chairman & CEO(DX)
Known for
Vice Chairman & CEO(DX) of Samsung, TV research and development
Inha University

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