Onalytica is a leading influencer marketing and social media analytics platform that empowers businesses to identify, engage with, and measure the impact of influencers in their respective industries.


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Onalytica is a company that specializes in influencer marketing and social media analytics. They provide services and software solutions that help businesses identify and engage with key influencers in their respective industries or niches. Onalytica uses advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to track and measure the impact of influencers on social media platforms.

Their platform allows companies to discover influential individuals or thought leaders who have a significant following and credibility in specific topics or sectors. By partnering with these influencers, businesses can leverage their reach and authority to promote their products, services, or messages to a wider and more engaged audience.

Onalytica also offers insights and reports on trends and conversations within various industries based on social media data, helping organizations make informed decisions and develop effective marketing strategies. Their services are valuable for brands and marketing professionals looking to harness the power of influencer marketing in the digital age.

Since 2009, Onalytica has helped run over 1,000 B2B and B2C influencer programs for some of the largest brands in the world across multiple sectors such as Tech, Finance, Energy, Healthcare and FMCG, including Capgemini, Barclays, VMWare, IBM, BP, Accenture, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, and many others.


Onalytica, founded in 2009 by Bebo founders Michael and Paul Birch, is a London-based company specializing in influencer marketing and social media analytics. The company was established with the vision of helping businesses harness the power of social media and influencers to drive brand awareness and engagement.

In its early years, Onalytica focused on developing advanced algorithms and data analytics techniques to identify and rank influencers across various industries and topics. These algorithms enabled businesses to discover thought leaders and influential voices within their niches, paving the way for more effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Over the years, Onalytica expanded its services and client base, working with a wide range of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. They developed a comprehensive platform that not only identifies influencers but also tracks their impact, engagement, and reach on social media platforms.

Onalytica's commitment to innovation has allowed them to stay at the forefront of the influencer marketing industry, adapting to the ever-evolving social media landscape and providing clients with valuable insights and actionable data. Today, Onalytica continues to play a significant role in helping brands and marketing professionals navigate the complex world of influencer marketing and social media analytics.


Onalytica's mission is to empower businesses with the insights and tools they need to unlock the full potential of influencer marketing and social media analytics. They are dedicated to helping organizations identify, connect, and collaborate with influential voices within their industries. By doing so, Onalytica aims to drive brand growth, enhance brand reputation, and foster meaningful engagements with target audiences.

At its core, Onalytica is committed to providing data-driven solutions that enable businesses to make informed decisions and execute effective influencer marketing strategies. They strive to bridge the gap between brands and influencers, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships that lead to authentic and impactful storytelling in the digital age. Through their innovative technologies and expertise, Onalytica empowers clients to navigate the complexities of social media and leverage the influence of thought leaders to achieve their marketing objectives.


Onalytica envisions a digital landscape where the power of influential voices is harnessed to drive positive change, foster genuine connections, and inspire meaningful conversations. Their vision is to be at the forefront of this transformation, continuously innovating and providing cutting-edge solutions that help businesses navigate the dynamic world of influencer marketing and social media analytics.

In pursuit of their vision, Onalytica aims to be the trusted partner for brands and organizations seeking to amplify their messages, strengthen their online presence, and connect with their target audiences in authentic ways. They envision a future where businesses can seamlessly identify and collaborate with the most relevant influencers, ultimately creating a more engaged and interconnected digital ecosystem. Onalytica's vision revolves around the idea that influencer marketing, when done right, can be a force for positive impact, driving meaningful change and fostering stronger connections between brands and consumers in the digital age.

Key Team

Tim Williams (CEO)

Michael Birch (Non-Executive Director)

Paul Birch (Non-Executive Director)

Ashley Zeckman (VP Strategy & Customer Success, North America)

Richard Goat (Advisor)

Dominik Nosalik (Managing Director)

Elly Horsey (HR Manager)

Andrew Macleod (CTO)

Karlos Serret (IT and Business Operations Director)

Recognition and Awards
MarTech Breakthrough Awards: Onalytica was honored with the MarTech Breakthrough Award for "Best Influencer Marketing Management Platform." This recognition highlights their excellence in providing a comprehensive platform for influencer marketing campaigns and analytics. Influencer Marketing Awards: Onalytica has been a finalist and recipient of multiple Influencer Marketing Awards in various categories. These awards celebrate the best practices, creativity, and results achieved in influencer marketing campaigns. PRNEWS Platinum Awards: Onalytica's innovative work in influencer marketing and its impact on the public relations industry have earned them recognition as finalists in the PRNEWS Platinum Awards. These awards acknowledge outstanding achievements in public relations and communications. Meltwater's Influencer Marketing Awards: Onalytica has been recognized in Meltwater's Influencer Marketing Awards for its ability to harness the power of influencer marketing to drive results for clients. These awards showcase excellence in influencer marketing strategies.

Products and Services

Influencer Discovery and Identification: Onalytica's platform employs advanced algorithms and data analytics to identify and rank influencers within specific industries or niches. Businesses can efficiently discover thought leaders, subject matter experts, and influential voices relevant to their target audience.

Influencer Relationship Management (IRM): Onalytica provides tools for managing influencer relationships effectively. Users can track and nurture relationships with influencers, collaborate on content creation, and measure the impact of influencer campaigns.

Campaign Tracking and Reporting: Onalytica offers robust analytics and reporting features that allow businesses to monitor the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. Clients can assess key metrics such as reach, engagement, and ROI, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Social Media Listening and Insights: Onalytica's platform enables businesses to gain insights into conversations, trends, and sentiment across social media platforms. This helps in understanding the competitive landscape and staying informed about industry developments.

Customized Research and Reports: Onalytica provides tailored research and reports, offering in-depth analysis of influencer landscapes, market trends, and competitive intelligence. These reports aid businesses in making informed strategic decisions.

Influencer Marketplace: Onalytica offers a marketplace that connects businesses with influencers, streamlining the influencer collaboration process. Brands can discover, negotiate with, and manage influencers directly through the platform.

Training and Consultation: Onalytica offers training and consultancy services to help businesses and marketing professionals navigate the complexities of influencer marketing effectively. They provide guidance on strategy development, best practices, and industry trends.

Thought Leadership Content: Onalytica produces thought leadership content, including webinars, podcasts, and articles, aimed at educating the industry about influencer marketing and social media analytics best practices.

Leadership team

Ashley Zeckman (VP Strategy & Customer Success, North America)

Dominik Nosalik (Managing Director)

Andrew Macleod (CTO)

Karlos Serret (IT and Business Operations Director)


Media and Communications

Products/ Services
influencer discovery, relationship management, campaign tracking, social media insights, customized research, influencer marketplace, training, thought leadership content
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0 - 50
Centre Point, 29Th Floor 103 New Oxford Street WC1A 1DD, United Kingdom
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Public Limited Company
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