Tim Williams

Tim Williams is the CEO at Onalytica, a leading influencer marketing and social media analytics platform that empowers businesses to identify, engage with, and measure the impact of influencers in their respective industries.

Tim Williams is a visionary and strategic leader with a strong focus on driving growth in B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. With over two decades of experience in MarTech (Marketing Technology), he has held prominent roles as CEO and Commercial lead, where he played pivotal roles in multiple successful acquisitions. He is the CEO of Onalytica, a leading influencer marketing and social media analytics platform that empowers businesses to identify, engage with, and measure the impact of influencers in their respective industries.

Tim's expertise lies in assisting early-stage companies in bringing innovative and disruptive solutions to market, primarily targeting large enterprises in the United States, United Kingdom, and Western Europe.

Tim's journey began in software sales, and he quickly developed a passion for building technology-driven businesses that contribute to innovation in marketing and communication. He boasts more than 15 years of experience in social media analytics, specializing in measuring the impact of marketing and communication strategies on business outcomes and integrating influencers into comprehensive marketing strategies.

As a well-rounded professional, Tim has demonstrated his ability to lead and execute strategies across various domains, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, Data, and Human Resources. He is deeply committed to developing value-driven go-to-market (GTM) strategies while leveraging high-quality tech products to address industry challenges. Tim is known for his high energy, strong motivation, and unwavering desire to achieve success. He prioritizes individual development and the formation of robust management teams.

Tim Williams places great importance on leading with care and accountability while fostering a high-trust environment where employees can thrive and realize their full potential. He firmly believes that an organization's culture is a critical ingredient for success and actively works to create a workplace culture that is both enjoyable and friendly, yet ambitious and focused.


Tim began his career as a Business Development Manager at DeHavilland, where he helped policy makers and lobbyists stay informed about parliamentary proceedings and policy influence.

Tim then moved on to become the Commercial Director at Adfero, where he managed Sales, Account Management, and Product Development Teams while overseeing the overall revenue growth of the Newsmanager product. Following that, he served as the VP Global Business Development at Media Measurement Ltd, where he opened the US office in San Francisco, expanding the company's global client base and its media evaluation products across social media.

Next, Tim joined Metrica as a Business Development Director, contributing to the company's media analysis, PR measurement, and PR planning consultancy services. He assisted organizations in Europe and the Americas in interpreting and acting upon social media data.

Tim returned to London and joined Onalytica as a Commercial Director, working on Influencer Relationship Management software and professional services. His responsibilities included helping brands run influencer programs to increase brand awareness and reputation.

Currently, Tim serves as the CEO of Onalytica, a position he has held since May 2014. In this role, he aggressively grew the business and aimed to establish a global market-leading position in B2B Influencer Marketing. His responsibilities encompass communicating the company's vision, raising funding, building relationships with clients and industry influencers, developing B2B Influencer Marketing and Employee Advocacy categories, managing the Senior Leadership Team, and leading the GTM strategy, product vision, and company culture. Under his leadership, Onalytica has become a prominent player in the field of influencer marketing, with a focus on B2B Influencer Marketing and Employee Advocacy.


Tim Williams envisions a world where influencer marketing becomes a powerful tool for reaching the C-suite in the realm of B2B marketing. He recognizes that despite the prevalence of C-suite executives on social media platforms, there is still skepticism about the effectiveness of influencer marketing when the entire target audience may not be active on these channels. To address this, Tim emphasizes the importance of understanding how various social media networks function to influence key decision-makers.

In his vision, Tim highlights the strategy of creating compelling content, such as podcasts, interactive eBooks, or video interviews, in collaboration with influencers. This content serves as a bridge to reach the C-suite. By leveraging influencers' well-integrated networks, brands can ensure that their content is widely shared through platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. This, in turn, leads to the broader influencer community disseminating the content to middle managers, who can then share it with the C-suite within their respective organizations. Tim's vision revolves around the idea that crafting the right content with the right influencers on pertinent topics can effectively target and influence the C-suite through influencer marketing, ultimately driving business success.

Recognition and Awards
Successful Leadership Roles: Tim's career has been marked by his leadership in CEO and Commercial lead roles within B2B SaaS companies. His ability to steer these organizations toward growth and innovation, coupled with his strategic insights, has been instrumental in their success. Pivotal Role in Acquisitions: Tim's contributions have played a pivotal role in several successful acquisitions. His expertise in identifying opportunities and facilitating strategic acquisitions has not only expanded the reach of the companies he's been involved with but also added significant value to their portfolios. Market Expansion: With a focus on selling disruptive solutions into large Enterprises, Tim has likely been instrumental in expanding the market presence of the companies he's led. His ability to navigate the US, UK, and Western European markets demonstrates his proficiency in global business operations. Innovation in Marketing & Communication: Throughout his career, Tim has been passionate about building technology businesses that drive innovation in marketing and communication. His commitment to staying at the forefront of MarTech trends and technologies has likely resulted in groundbreaking solutions and strategies. Expertise in Social Media Analytics: Tim possesses over 15 years of experience in social media analytics, where he has measured the impact of marketing and communication strategies against business outcomes. This expertise has been invaluable in integrating influencers into wider marketing strategies effectively. Diverse Leadership Roles: As a generalist with experience across various business functions, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, Data, and HR, Tim has demonstrated a versatile leadership style. His ability to lead diverse teams and execute strategies across multiple domains has been a significant achievement. Culture and Team Building: Tim's commitment to building high-trust environments and fostering an employee-centric culture is a noteworthy achievement. Creating a workplace where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to fulfill their potential is essential to the success of any organization. Value-Led GTM Strategies: Tim's passion for building value-led go-to-market (GTM) strategies and aligning them with high-quality tech products has likely led to the development of innovative solutions that address industry challenges effectively.

Tim Williams
London, UK
Influencer Marketing, Influencer Relationship Management, Employee Advocacy, Audience Insights, Marketing Strategy, Media Measurement, Sales and Marketing
Known for
Onalytica (CEO)
Management Sciences (University of Southampton), Diploma of French Language (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
Social Media
Mon Feb 26 2024

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