Peyman Farahani Khosravani

Peyman Khosravani Farahani is a global expert in blockchain and digital transformation and the VP of Digital and Communications at Ztudium Group.

Peyman Khosravani Farahani is a global expert in blockchain and digital transformation with a passion for marketing, futuristic ideas, analytics insights, startup businesses, and effective communications. He has a wealth of experience in blockchain and DeFi projects and is committed to using technology to bring justice and fairness to society and promote freedom.

Peyman has worked with international organisations, including Humaniq, invstr, Iranmedtour, and HiWEB, to improve their digital transformation strategies and data-gathering techniques, helping them identify customer touchpoints and sources of data that provide valuable insights into their operations. 

With his expertise in blockchain, digital transformation, marketing, analytics insights, startup businesses, and effective communications, he has helped businesses succeed in the digital age. 


Peyman Khosravani was born and raised in Tehran, where he developed a passion for mathematics and physics. After completing his diploma, he decided to pursue his studies abroad, first in India where he studied economics and diamond grading, and then in France, where he completed a Master of International Business Management in Bordeaux.

Peyman's thirst for knowledge and passion for innovation led him to pursue a Master of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship in London, UK, where he honed his skills in marketing and digital transformation. It was during this time that Peyman was introduced to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In 2016, Peyman was part of the marketing team for one of the biggest ICOs of its time, which sparked his interest in blockchain technology. Since then, he has been actively consulting startups on how to grow their marketing and digital presence, with a focus on leveraging the power of blockchain to drive innovation and change.

With his expertise in marketing, digital transformation, and blockchain technology, Peyman is dedicated to using his knowledge and experience to help businesses succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Presently, he is the VP of Digital and Business Relation at Ztudium Group, where he is responsible to help clients leverage the digital transformation strategies and technologies for growth and enhnaced digital footprint. 


Peyman Khosravani Farahani is a visionary person who strongly believes in the transformative power of technology. He envisions a future where technology is leveraged to create a more inclusive and fair society, where every individual has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Peyman firmly believes that true democracy can only be achieved with new technologies like blockchain and AI. According to him, these technologies have the potential to democratize access to information and decision-making, empowering individuals and communities.

However, Peyman recognizes the potential risks associated with the rise of AI. He believes that if not properly trained and developed, AI could pose a threat to society. As such, he emphasizes the importance of ensuring that only those with good faith and a deep understanding of human needs are responsible for training AI.

Peyman's vision is centered around using technology as a force for positive change in the world, driving innovation and promoting fairness, inclusion, and democracy. He is committed to using his expertise and knowledge to help shape a better future for all.

Peyman Farahani Khosravani
VP of digital, digital transformation expert, and communications specialist
Master of Science, International Business Management, Master of Business Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (OMNES Education)
Social Media
Fri Feb 23 2024

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